Tucked away in a small corner of the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Indie Games section is a little haven for budding developers to show off their wares. This week we have 6 new releases, as the school holidays are in full swing, let’s take them to the park and show them the slide.

Space Pilots – E Arendt

Let’s start this week off with a shooter. Fight your way thought hordes of aliens to be able to complete your mission. This is a top-down, free-flying shooter all wrapped up in a space adventure. Good start. 240 MS Points

Word Cheat – RZ Games

This single player word based game will allow you to configure the board for the game you want to play and will also try to find the best word possible from the tiles you have. Never lose a word game again. 80 MS Points

Demon Dash – darkgatestudios

This action adventure starring what I can only guess is a goth Buffy, seems to feature demons in stockings. Shoot the demons, survive. It all seems so simple. 80 MS Points


We’ve got a plethora of shooters this week, and Dark Storm Blast 360 is the latest to test your reflexes. This is a multi-directional blaster where the player must use both sticks and land your fighter and destroy the target in the 8 levels. 80 MS Points

Dawn of the Fred – Sticky DPad Games

Well, looky here. You’re suddenly faced with a horde of zombies and the only thing you have left is your trusty piranha launcher. Take on waves with this trusty vicious fish firer and up to 70 more weapons,. Utilise up to 5 playable characters across 2 maps with local co-op. It’s time to kill ‘em all in Dawn of Fred. 80 MS Points

Squeebels -Aztecgames

This is an AI based farming simulator, where you tend to your Squeebels and help them seek out food, friends and mates. You can manipulate their genetics by growing different plants for your Squeebels to eat, or simply pop them in a separate pen. I’m not sure what the point of all this is, but I’m sure it’s fun. 80 MS Points


So, that’s all for now, let’s hope there are lots of ice cream filled faces and not so many tantrums.