Tucked away in a little corner of the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Indie Games section is a little haven for budding developers to show off their wares. Wow, has it really been two weeks since Christmas? Well, in those two weeks, we’ve seen a whopping 21 releases. Here is a little more about them.

How Quick Are You? – Fusion Gaming

A timed, reaction game for 1 player. That’s literally all they say about it. 80 MS Points

Zombie Death Quota – Edelica Computer Entertainment

Imagine running around Minecraft shooting zombies. Well, in this 1 player FPS, it looks like you can do just that. Help the special forces operative and collect the bio-waste containers. Then blow away the zombies they’ve created with up to five different weapons. 80 MS Points

Odyssey 3011 – dunxz23

This 3D space sim looks and plays like an homage to Elite. Indeed, you can trade and fight through hundreds of star systems. If you loved Elite, you’re sure to be drawn to this. 240 MS Points

Revenge of the Sammich 2 – Jacobs Ladder Entertainment LLC

There was a Revenge of the Sammich 1? Well, yes, and this is the sequel to the rather daft sounding shooter. In what other game can you take control of a carrot facing off in lunch time combat against bread?  Single-player madness. 80 MS Points

Platformer From Hell – HoosierGames

As the title would suggest, this is a devilishly difficult single player platformer, combining switches, gravity and platforms. Oddly, this contains a pastrami sandwich in peril and it’s up to Tie Guy to save his stricken sarnie. 80 MS Points

Temple Of Dogolrak 2 – Team Shuriken

A manga inspired adventure game, with an obvious wide-eyed lean towards half-naked ladies. 80 MS Points

Engram – n-Dot

Connect similar coloured neurons in this single player puzzler. 80 MS Points

Super Santa Slayer – Grizzly Studios

It’s the ultimate showdown between Santa and the lesser known Robo-Santa. Battle the Grunch, Snowman and other seasonal characters on your way to face the ultimate boss. Battle your friends in 2 player mode while listening to the 8-bit soundtrack and retro graphics. 80 MS Points

8-bit Defense – MicroGames

It’s a Space Invaders clone. That’s about all you need to know. 80 MS Points

Quarantined – He-3 Software

You are the one of the last survivors of the dangerous LRKR virus. Battle lurkers, mutants and zombie-like creatures in this single player action adventure game. 80 MS Points

Space Ball – David Echols

Single player, addictive puzzler. Match 3 space balls of the same colour. 80 MS points

No Air Out Here – Zkenshin

Shoot the alien robots on your moon in your quest to repair your critically damaged ship. Look out though, they fight back in this single-player shooter. 80 MS Points

Battle Sub – Redtalon

Underwater combat never looked this good. Take control of your sub in this single-player shooter which reminds me a little of Metal Slug. 80 MS Points

Zombominous – Golconda

Grab your Xbox Live avatar and whack those zombies. Batter them to death or gun them down in this survival adventure. 80 MS Points

Avatar Karting 2 – Juan Alberto Munoz

Put the pedal to the metal in this good-looking karting sim. This also features offline and online multiplayer, up to 8 contestants, with system link too. 80 MS Points

Snowflakes – Cerebral Harvest

Catch falling snowflakes in this classic looking single player puzzler. Avoid the bad snowflakes and get maximum points by catching them all. 80 MS Points

Flood Frenzy – Fusion Gaming

Test your speed and intellect in this single player puzzle solving thriller. 80 MS Points

Arcade of Neon – Ivatrixgames

This is a classic collection of arcade game modes ranging from table-tennis to a fast paced colour dodging game. Complete challenges to unlock more game modes and get that high score. 80 MS Points

Squadron Scramble – DepthCharge Software

Imagine, up to 8 players dogfighting on one console. Well, imagine no more.  This lets you play against your friends or against the AI. Oddly, two players can share one controller. Shoot pilots to earn points, if you lose a pilot you lose their points. Seems a bit harsh. 80 MS Points

Trivia or Die: Movie Edition – Fun Infused Games

Ah, you’re back in the Trivia or Die world, ready for a battle using you movie trivia. Will your film knowledge be enough to let you survive, or will you be expected to die?  1-4 players. 80 MS Points

Scribendus – Pygmalion’s Box

An odd cross between Tetris and Scrabble, you must form words from falling pairs of letters. Defeat all five levels of Ascension. 80 MS Points

Wow, that was a lot of titles released into the New Year, with the pick looking like being Odyssey 3011 and Avatar Karting 2. Happy indie gaming.