Tucked away in a small corner of the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Indie Games section is a little haven for budding developers to show off their wares. Well, another 9 games hit the Indie Marketplace this week. Here they are:

Magnetic By Nature: Awakening – Tripleslash Studios

I knew about this game last week. This is part of a project by the University of Utah, along the game I’ll talk about next. Initially, it looked as though this was going to be a PC only game, but here it is, on the Indie Marketplace. Magnetic By Nature then, takes you on a physics-driven ride as a 2D platformer. It looks really good, and is inertia and momentum based. Using your magnetism you can attract, repel and fling yourself through the stages. 80 MS Points

Avatar Trials: Ninja Uprising – Stunt Bear Games

As we reported last week, this is the other University of Utah project that has been released. Take your own avatar and go exploring in this parkour inspired platformer. 80 MS Points

Virus Attack – Lights Off Studio

Conquer and destroy your enemies in this simple-looking strategy game. There’s no room for two species in this world. 80 MS Points

Mini Wizards – Raoghard

Unleash your inner Harry Potter in this fun but rather aimless action game. Cast spells, battle other mini-wizards in online LIVE multiplayer or see how long you can survive. 80 MS Points

JamSouls! – Kaosumog

This looks oddly, fantastic. A good looking, manga inspired platformer for 1-4 on or offline players. This includes several game modes such as deathmatch, CTF and the oddly titled Foot. Jam tomorrow! 80 MS Points

Marshmallow Duel – Potential Game Studios

In the twisted empty halls of my imagination, I’m expecting Marshmallow Duel to be some kind of miniature, sweet and tasty pillow fight. How I was wrong. This is an 8-bit inspired classic platformer. Move around the platforms, against your opponent, collecting items. Some items help, some don’t. In essence, it’s a simple version of Super Smash Bros. 240 MS Points

Aliens Vs Romans – Sick Kreation

The real reason Rome burned, apparently. Travel back in time and fight for the Empire against the alien horde. Grab the enemy’s weapons in this first person shooter and beat them back. It looks good, and all under 145 MB, how do they do it? 80 MS Points

Planet Wars – ColePowered

Slightly Alien Breed-esque, this slick looking shooter should pack a punch. With a story driven campaign, including a 4 player co-op mode, earn credits to upgrade your weapons and items, with a choice of up to 70 bits of tantalising kit. This also has a quick play Survival/Horde mode to keep your reflexes sharp. 80 MS Points

Write Your Own Music – Ninja Game Technology Limited

I remember a music application on the Amiga called Octamed. This reminds me of Octamed in so many ways. Use over 450 instruments to create musical riffs, or choose from over 700 riffs. Each song can contain up to 32 tracks each, with each having its own volume, pan, filters and sound effect controls. Pitch bend, sample offset, pan and attack are all included as well as 5 CoLD SToRAGE demo songs. 400 MS Points

That’s your lot for this week. There are some good games and applications there, if you’re willing to put Dead Island: Riptide down for a minute. Yes, that means you.