Tucked away in a small corner of the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Indie Games section is a little haven for budding developers to show off their wares. This week we have a rather wonderful 14 sparkly new releases to pore over. Let’s have a look together shall we:

ZombieMonkeys: Out Of The Trees – MischiefMonkey

Let’s start off this week with a zombie shooter that’s simply full of monkeys. You used to be safe in the canopy of your tree, but somehow, you’re now on the forest floor and you must use the resources of the jungle to escape your brain eating zombie foes. A top-down zombie shooter with a difference. 80 MS Points

Gem Chaser II – karl90

What do we have here? This looks like a neon hybrid of Pac-Man and Boulderdash. It is slightly different though. The sequel to Gem Chaser, this makes you collect coloured gems, but only the ones that match your colour. Then, you change colour and collect some more. 70 levels with Warp Tunnels, Gravity Switches and Mirror levels. 80 MS Points

Sexy Island Adventure – Fusion Gaming

A manga-inspired game with scantily-clad ladies you say? On the Indie Marketplace? Well, I never. The blurb for this simply says “Can you find the girl of your dreams?” No. No, probably not. 80 MS Points

Journey to the top: QFTLG – Liel

QFTLG, what does it mean? Well, it means Quest For The Lost Gems. This is a ‘climb to the top’ style platformer, a little like the legendary Rainbow Islands. You’re not surprisingly looking for the lost gems. These gems must be re-forged to break the spell that cast the human race into the ocean. 80 MS Points

Magic Racing Rally – Magic73

I remember playing a rather awesome game called Supercars on the Amiga when I was younger. Magic Racing Rally looks quite similar, without the weapons. This is a top-down racer with 18 unique circuits and Time Trial, Head-To-Head, Battle and Quick Race modes. Play locally against your friends or online against your worst enemies. 80 MS Points

Tatakai Tank Rush! – LargeLaser

This real time strategy features tanks. Lots of tanks. To be fair to it, it does look good and also offers an arcade twist. Two factions face-off, with advanced AI, split screen multi-player and fast, explosive action. 240 MS Points

Action Arcade Wrestling 2 – Action937

It’s WWE, but not as we know it. This sequel to Arcade Action Wrestling boasts 2.5D retro arcade action. Hundreds of wrestling moves, multiple match types. The opportunity to create wrestlers and arenas. Bouts feature up to 10 wrestlers at once. All wrestlers should come with terrible acting lessons. 80 MS Points

Beat Hazard Ultra – Cold Beam Games

This looks interesting, a beat based, multiplayer shooter that is influenced by your music collection. This is the sequel to the much acclaimed Beat Hazard. Ultra brings new bosses, new enemies, weapons, perks and all new game modes. Play head-to-head and co-op games with your friends too. It’s 5 times more expensive than it’s predecessor though. 400 MS Points

Monkey Nuts – hdtgames

Poor monkey has lost his nuts. He woke up at the vets after some missing time and .. what? Oh.
Poor monkey has lost his nuts. He’s hungry, help him get his nuts back in this platformer. There are hazards to dodge, enemies to defeat and a clock to beat. There are also 100 levels of fun. 80 MS Points

Fist Puncher – Jacob Lewandowski

A good-looking Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja clone. Rescue your girl, level up, beat the bad guys upand learn new moves. A little on the expensive side though. 400 MS Points

Papercraft Monsters – holy socks

I think we’ve got the full-house today. This is a Minecraft-clone shooter for up to four players. The aim of the game is to shoot your friends and the hordes of cartoon monsters. Single player and co-op modes a-plenty, with a nice haul of weapons to utilise too. 80 MS Points

GravityPong – ZOM Productions

GravityPong looks like Pong on speed. This has multiple power-ups, paddles, tubes, lasers and more with 35 unlockable power-ups, a custom soundtrack and 50 AchieveGoals to unlock. Train yourself against the wall or grab up to three friends and play head-to-head. 80 MS Points

Indiemon Villain Version – RicolaVG

Play as Landon, an Indiemon tamer who betrays the Earth Nation. This is another release in the Indiemon series, only this time, you have villains to collect. Capture all 100 to win. 80 MS Points

The Shopping Dead – Brian Gutowski

Lastly this week we have a multiplayer zombie shooter. This is a first person zombie defence shooter which looks like it’s been set in a shopping centre. 400 MS Points

We seem to have at least one of everything in this week’s mix. Platformers, shooters, zombie shooters, sports and the obligatory game with scantily-clad ladies. Enjoy.