Tucked away in a small corner of the Xbox Live Marketplace, the Indie Games section is a little haven for budding developers to show off their wares. This week we have a very poor showing with a rather pathetic 3 new releases. This is guaranteed to be a quick round-up.

EZ Message Sender – Fisch Team

So, only 3 releases and one of them isn’t even a game? *insert anguished outrage here*. This is for Xbox Live enabled profiles only and will allow you to send messages to your gaming friends. You can group friends together too, so if you’ve got friends who only play Halo, you can message only them. Supports English chatpad and has T9-style, built-in and chatpad keyboards for ease of use. It also boasts banlists and built-in text art to give your messages that wing-ding feeling. 80 MS Points

Zombie Estate 2 – JeremyVerchick48

The sequel to Zombie Estate is here. This blocky little shooter features over 85 weapons, 30 unique characters, 14 levels of zombie-splatting goodness and 30 unlockable hats. Yes, I said hats. These hats will alter your stats. There is also a new unlimited wave mode, to see how long you can survive the moaning, brain-munching fun. 80 MS Points

Avatar Pro Wrestling – Bwoot Games

It’s a wrestling game.. with avatars. Have you got a gaming friend whose avatar really grinds your gears? Have you ever though how much you’d like to dive off a high place and land an elbow where the sun doesn’t shine on it? Well, now you can in this cheeky little wrestling match for avatars. Why should you buy this? The wrestlers look better than WWE and the acting is miles better. 80 MS Points

That’s your lot for last week, join me later this week for further Indie release goodness.