Everyone loves to make money, but very seldom do we want to feel the need to seek out a second or even third job in some cases. For most, having one job is stressful and time consuming enough. This means that we need to seek out other ways of earning some extra cash.

Sell Unused Items

Having rummage sales or selling off old items that you no longer use is a great way to make a little extra money without having to do any real extra work. In most cases, sales do not last longer than one day which means you can make a good amount of money by hosting your own sale. If the area in which you live does not allow this type of sale, there are tons of online outlets where you can sell items that you no longer use.

Sites like Amazon and eBay are both great for getting rid of unwanted items that you just do not have the space for anymore. If you have the time, you can list items on these online retailers and online auction sites to help get your items sold and money in your pocket.

Online Gambling

Though not all people will want to gamble online, online gambling is a great way to play live casino games and make a little bit of extra money while you are at it. This is a great way to make some extra spending money but might not be enough to constitute a second income. For those that have the time and the skill, online casinos are a fun and easy way to make a bit of extra spending money when you really do not want to take up a second job.

Odd Jobs

This is another way you can make some extra money. Taking up odd jobs like helping someone get to the grocer, helping someone clean up their home, or helping to remove waste from homes is a great way to make a bit of extra money without having to commit to a second job. It also means you can stay as your own boss so that if you decide you do not want to do it anymore, you are not obligated to keep doing it.

Online Surveys

Another way you can make some money is to take online surveys. This is going to be something you can do in your spare time that takes minimal effort. In most cases, you are not going to make a ton of money with online surveys, but you can make some considerable money if you dedicate time to the practice. In most cases, these sites are going to give you surveys to do each day and you can bank your earnings until they reach a certain amount, at which time you request to be paid.

Mystery Shopping

This is another way you can make extra money without a traditional job. Mystery shoppers are hired by a company to go into a store and shop in order to rate the customer service, the store itself, and the items that they purchased. This is a very fun way to earn some extra money and you can take as many assignments as you are offered or you can turn them down dependent on if you need the money or not. This is a very fun way to earn some extra spending money that does not require a ton of time or a ton of effort so it is perfect for students, parents, and those that already have a steady job and might not have a ton of time to devote.

No matter what method you choose for earning your extra money, know that you don’t need to be working two jobs. For some, it might not be possible to take up a second job and having other options makes a huge difference in how well you can make money.

These are just a few methods that you can use and they are all going to be dependent on how much time you have to put in and how hard you try.