Holmade Games hard at work on Hurdle Turtle 2

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Holmade Games hard at work on Hurdle Turtle 2

I haven’t played the first Hurdle Turtle on XBLIG, but if it’s as charming looking as its recently announced sequel then I’m going to have to go and download it. Holmade Games is bringing back the turtle with a passion for jumping over things without totally failing like these girls. However, Hurdle Turtle 2 has a change in gameplay this time around.

hurdle turtle 2

The first game was an endless runner, similar to Temple Run and the thousands of other mobile games that desperately try and mimic the former’s huge success. Instead of that endless torture the game is broken into traditional levels, some of which don’t even include running and take place under water (although still retaining a hurdle element). Multiplayer also allows up to 4 players to join in the turtle-based fun.

No release date has been announced, but you can follow the teams progress on the game over on the Holmade Games blog.

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