Microsoft did discontinue Kinect plus its adapter. It’s usually not good for a company to pull a service or product from the market without giving its customers an explanation. That’s why they are revealing their decision as to why they killed off the peripheral.

Kinect was a popular peripheral for motion control for those who used it on Xbox One to play mobile slots games but until a few years ago. The Xbox One consoles that are now on the market cannot support this peripheral without using some special adapters. If you buy Xbox One X and Xbox One S, for example, be prepared not to have Kinect in the package. Microsoft has a revelation of the reason for its termination.

New Gaming Accessories

The introduction of new accessories is one of the reasons why Kinect was discontinued. Microsoft, however, went on to explain that even though they want to make way for those innovations, there has been a high demand for them from their fans.

Going with The Technology Tide

The improvement of technology is certainly pushing Microsoft to make this change. The obvious possibility to look at is that they are focused on moving towards integration of Virtual Reality with their products. They want to bring in a VR hardware that will be compatible with Xbox One. Unlike Sony who has already taken a huge step towards integrating their products with VR technology, Microsoft has taken a different decision which is just to allow their players to enjoy mobile slots games on their usual devices, while they check how serious a technology VR will be. They think that it will just be a passing cloud of hyped innovation and then things will get back normal.

Slow Start

The reality is that VR has taken longer to gain its momentum. It also, on the other hand, has its fair share of success. Microsoft seems to be ready for this amazing technology given their release of Xbox One X and the hype that comes with its introduction. The new device will be able to support the technology, and so they will be squarely in the race to tap the customers who will be migrating from Mr Mobi and another casino in search of private gaming.

A Perfect Move

The killing of Kinect to concentrate on the introduction of VR into the market is a very wise move that Microsoft has made. Motion control craze has seemingly subsided, and that’s a great chance that VR will have to take its position in the gaming industry. Microsoft is even in a better position to integrate this technology without having to undergo a lot of struggle. They, for instance, won’t have to manufacture their VR headset. Their strong relationship with Oculus is a huge advantage because they can have an Oculus Rift Headset made purposely for use with Xbox One X.

The Other Alternative

Microsoft could also be interested in their Hololens device or another introduction that they haven’t announced. While it’s cool to keep customers in suspense like in the case of Mr Mobi games, it will be nice to let their customers know what the fan-requested accessories they have in store for them.