Metal Gear Solid 5 or The Phantom Pain…where to start.

For those of you who caught the Video Game Awards, you will have no doubt caught a glimpse of some tantalising games however perhaps the biggest whilst also the most noodle scratching was that of Moby Dick Studios (yes it is a fake studio, but ill get onto that later) and its first ever title for the Xbox 360. The Phantom Pain.

If you haven’t yet had a peep at this incredible trailer (shame on you) then read on for a chance to have your mind blown.

…go on I’ll give you a few minutes…

Back? Brilliant!

This trailer has managed to create a a huge buzz around the world, mainly with Metal Gear Solid fans who are 100% convinced that The Phantom Pain is in fact Metal gear Solid 5 being released right under our noses! A rather big conspiracy theory but one that actually seems to hold a lot of water.

Firstly the games developer Moby Dick Studios doesn’t exist, yes it does have its own website which recently popped up but if you take the time to read through its posts and info, it’s essentially someones photo album. This is all without mentioning that during the VGAs, Konami had its staff quite happily wearing T-shirts showing off the Moby Dick games logo…cheeky!

Throughout those action filled three minutes, you’ll also spot many visual nods to the metal gear franchise. From the falling feathers at the start (something which is often used throughout MGS3) to the more glaring fact that the main protagonist does indeed look like Big Boss himself. Or even snake?

The analysis could go on for quite some time, with us tumbling down the rabbit hole further and further but I’ll leave it to you and your imagination. If you do want to fill your boots however then I suggest checking out the work of this super sleuth, who clearly knows more than is safe. Fox will be after him soon I’m sure.

Whatever this game turns out to be one thing is for sure, it’s going to be an amazing title for the Xbox 360 and one that I simply cant wait to get my hands on!