Yes, it is that Fantasia, only this time, it’s a little different. While it might include Mickey in a wizard’s outfit, it’s not strictly speaking, based on the legendary animation itself, you will get to control the beats and it is associated with Disney.

On a first impressions basis, it looks like the gesture based scene from Fantasia where Mickey is controlling the broomsticks, only there isn’t a bucket of water in sight.

No, this is a contemporary snapshot of that scene, cutting in beats from Bruno Mars, Queen, Fun. and many more besides. Add into this mix some digital artistry modelled on the flights-of-fancy scale and you should have a pretty good idea of where this is headed. It’s all powered by the Kinect as you’d expect and will also be developed for the Xbox One.

With the powered-up version of the Kinect on the One, I’m interested to see comparisons on the gesture pick-up and accuracy when next to the 360.

Once a track is completed, it melds into a level hub that gradually becomes more and more dynamic as you progress.

Have a look at the short introduction video below and peruse the currently released track listings, of which I’m sure Harmonix might consider releasing DLC for.

  • AVICII – Levels
  • Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven
  • Fun. – Some Nights
  • Kimbra – Settle Down
  • Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

Fantasia: Music Evolved is set for release in 2014