The San Diego Comic-Con has been a busy event for Microsoft and 343 Industries. Not only have they announced the collaboration with Dark Horse Comics to tell Commander Sarah Parker’s story, but they’ve also revealed Halo: Spartan Assault is available right now.

This is a top down shooter for Windows 8 touch-based devices and smartphones and has been produced in conjunction with Vanguard Games.

Halo: Spartan Assault will expand the Halo universe by exploring the first Spartan Ops programme missions and pokes its face into the deeper history of the Human-Covenant war.

Spartan Assault will come with 25 unique missions, more than 40 in-game achievements and medals as well and the chance to earn up to 50,000 XP.

Fans who purchase and play Spartan Assault for Windows 8 will also unlock exclusive bonus content in the Halo 4 Champions Bundle or the Halo 4 Bullseye Pack which are coming as separate DLC on the 20th of August. This will include a new weapon skin, 2 armour skins and a Spartan stance, which I’m reliably informed is nothing like a buffalo stance.

If you plan on purchasing Spartan Assault on your Windows 8 smartphone, you’ll need at least 1GB RAM currently installed. A version tailored for 512MB devices will not be available until August.