GTA Online players will receive $500,000 in-game cash

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GTA Online players will receive $500,000 in-game cash

GTA Online players who may have lost out on valuable game time due to lost progress and cloud server errors can rejoice as everyone will receive $500k in-game cash, Rockstar has announced.

The payments will be paid in two instalments of $250k, with the first due towards the end of next week.

In order to be eligible for this payment in your in-game bank account, you must have played the game during October 2013.

There will also be a patch (1.04), which will fix the remaining issues and enable the payment to be made.

So that’s a free $500,000 to spend online, what will you be putting yours towards? Mine will be going towards buying some more supercars for my garage and upgrading them.

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