Giveaway: Win a Tritton Trigger Headset

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Giveaway: Win a Tritton Trigger Headset

UPDATE: The random number thingy majig has plucked out Lewis McKenny as our winner! Congrats, you will receive an email shortly. Thanks everyone for entering, be sure to come back on Sunday when we will launch our next Tritton giveaway – a Detonator headset!

We’ve teamed up with Tritton to give you a chance to winner a Trigger Headset!

To enter all you need to do is comment below, easy eh?


Why not check out Ben’s review while you are at it. The competition will run until 9pm on Friday 7th December, good luck!

Terms & conditions

UK Entries only.
Entrants must be aged 16 and over.
Only one entry per household.
Multiple entries will be removed.
Winner will be picked at random using a random number generator.
Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

  • @CockneyCharmer

    I have the HALO4 Branded Tritton Triggers….an amazing headset, everyone should enter for this

    Very generous of Xboxer360! Very Santa lol

  • @al_vimh

    I would love to bag myself a Tritton Trigger. That way, I might actually hear my mates screaming "LOOK BEHIND YOU FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!!!" when we're playing Halo and might not die quite so much…

  • Mossrat

    I like turtles.

    How do these compare? lol

  • Adriaan

    I love Tritton headsets. sound quality is just so good. Had the chance to try a pair at the Covent Garden Halo 4 event 🙂 and they feel amazing

  • scott p

    Very slick set! These would make me play more than i already do lol.

  • Steve

    Yes please ;0)

  • T0N10

    Ooh these would be great might finally be able to get some late night gaming in!

  • tracey

    what an amazing set count me in ive let everyone know from fb twitter n google plus


    Fingers crossed

  • Carl

    I could so do with these, my gaming has been lacking recently due to no headset. With today's economy it is hard for me to buy things which aren't necessities so a pair of these would actually be an awesome thing for christmas 😀

  • Greg Lopez

    Tritton's the best

  • Robert Turton

    Great giveaway prize – – would love a Tritton,headset 🙂

  • Lizzi

    These would look sooo good on me!

  • It'sMe

    Tritons it would be so awesome to win a pair of these

  • Mathew

    wouldn't mind a pair

  • Charles

    I need another my 720's are falling apart!!

  • Alan Corner

    I need a new headset because I've lost the one that came with my 360 and my friends shout at me for not being able to talk back on Halo 4 🙁

  • Juan Sanchez

    Perfect timing! I am in need of a new headset 😉

  • RWitts

    hope they sound as good as they look

  • @readyplayer1

    I've using that headset that comes with the Xbox and it's pretty sad.

  • lynn savage

    Oh yes baby I'd love a Trigger headset

  • Ohtarus

    This isn't not a comment. Nor isn't it a comment that isn't….. Tritton Headset would be nice… 😀

  • Rob "mafia" Tonge

    After my el cheapo turtle beaches asda specials were eaten by my 2 year old ive resorted to a pair of ear bud type headphones, one in my left ear and my 7 year old Xbox chat headset on the other, I look like a pro gamer……… To be honest the review has made me really interested in these regardless of the prize, may have to re negotiate with santy!!

  • Lewis McKenny

    I would love to win as I am in University and have a bundle of free time which I love spending online talking to my friends back home. I would love to be able to enhance my voice to make them truely realise what they are missing! I also need an edge on them when I play against them as they always seem to gang up on me!

  • Alison

    These look fab and I would love to try them

  • @Jiminy_Bob

    Tritton, this is your father speaking. Come home.

  • Haley

    These would come in handy. Currently on the lookout for a new headset, so good timing 🙂

  • dazzadavie

    I need a replacement for my Steelseries and I've heard Titton are a great set

  • Sintaku

    I'd love to have one of these!

  • @paddyscullion

    winner these would be soo awesome!!

  • Shaun

    I need a new headset! I've used my old turtle beach ones so much they are now only held together with insulation tape lol

  • Malcolm Saunders

    I'm used the turtle beaches but would LOVE trittons to compare and see if they are good! Pick me and let me know!

    (Thedon1441) on twitter!

  • Rich

    We are firing up the Random Number Generator for tonight's draw – Good luck everyone – I'll be emailing the winner just after 9pm

  • @Ninja__Noodles

    They look so comfy. The built in microphone might make me a better team member too!

  • Tony