If a new multiplayer trailer for Battlefield 3 wasn’t enough today then how about a multiplayer reveal for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier? God bless Gamescom!

In the video below the games creative director, Tommy Jacob, talks about what you can expect when you fire up the multiplayer for the first time.

Firstly there are two factions with three classes; rifleman, scout and engineer. Obviously they all have their own unique skills; such as sniping as a scout or sending out drones to gather intel as an engineer. Another way of gaining intel is ‘hacking’, which involves stunning an enemy and ‘hacking’ their body to reveal the positions of enemy soldiers for a limited amount of time.

All in all it’s shaping up to look like a very enticing multiplayer mode, and I’m sure we’ll find out much more about the other modes (only the objective based ‘conflict’ has been shown so far) in the lead up to the games March 2012 release date.