To celebrate the Fourth of July in the United States, Epic Games have launched the aptly named “Fourth of July Event”. The event, which is live now, features a new playlist, “Top Wingman”, 5 new weapon skins, and 2x XP across all of Versus, and both Beast and Horde modes.

Taken from the Epic Games community blog:

In honor of the 4th of July, we’ll be holding a special Gears of War 3 event starting today! There will be 2x XP in Versus, Beast and Horde, and there will be a special “Top Wingman” playlist with alpha rules.

Also, you’ll be able to select a custom event skin for each weapon!

Maverick – Lancer
Viper – Retro Lancer
Goose – Hammerburst
Iceman – Gnasher
Jester – Sawed off

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday and enjoy that 2x XP!

For those completionists looking for the event ribbons towards the Socialite achievement, or those just wanting to reach re-up mode a little faster, take advantage of this event and more importantly the double XP whilst you can, as we don’t have an end date for the Fourth of July Event just quite yet.