Whilst gaming is undoubtedly a lot of fun and brings people together in a social environment, it is can also be a difficult lifestyle to lead with hard-core gamers often only pausing a game to take in either food or drink, there’s not always time to cook or rustle up some delicious snacks. So, what are the most effective methods of taking on food when in the middle of an epic session?


Convenience is certainly the number one priority for gamers, with simple packet snacks often the preferred choice for many. However, with the rise in online takeaway providers, receiving piping hot, delicious meals to your doorstep has never been easier. With gamer’s certainly not adverse to the use of technology, takeaway apps provide the perfect platform to order a whole host of different cuisines from around the world. Tasty treats are available at just the click of a button, helping to maximise playing time, with just a few seconds pause required to collect your delivery from your doorstep.

Gamer Food LLC is another option of course. This company have developed a range of six hand-made organic energy bars specifically to keep gamers going for longer.

Despite gaming being far from being synonymous with a healthy lifestyle, there are plenty of healthy convenience options too. If you’re a fan of takeaways then sushi, vegetarian or organic options make great healthy alternatives. Alternatively, try something like Graze and have a box of healthy snacks, that are considerably more appealing than carrot and cucumber sticks, posted out to you just in time for your next long gaming session.