Ah, farming; all that work is tough and very dirty, but at least farmers get the benefit of plenty of fresh air and regular exercise. Who needs all the bother of having to set up your own farm and milk your own cows though? We’ll now be able to do it from the comfort of our own settee as Farming Simulator is coming to the Xbox 360 during the first week of September.

Giants Software has released the following trailer, and I’ve never seen anyone else try their hardest to make a virtual farming simulator seem so cool. Who knew that all you had to do was thrown in some dubstep music and a few close-up slow motion shots of tractors doing their thing and farming would suddenly become the coolest thing since wearing a flat cap apparently became trendy again?

Jokes aside, Farming Simulator has actually been a pretty popular game on the PC, even if it’s mostly played only to create amusing videos for YouTube.