Fable 3: Kingmaker app

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Fable 3: Kingmaker app

So according to the twitter profile for Fable 3: Kingmaker, the website is now up and running.

Head over to www.fable3kingmaker.com to have a look.

Basically you sign up, and use your smartphone to download the app. This is a similar idea to the 4square website, in which you tell the app where you are when you go about your daily routine, and it will log your locations. If you have more posts in that location than anyone else you become leader of that place. Kingmaker takes this idea, but has certain realms in which your team need to conquer. You are put into a team: either the Rebels or the Loyalists, and your team has to be the one with the most area covered.

There is a map on the website explaining how the teams are doing, and where the nearest pot of gold is located. Most of these prizes (for in game Gil) are situated at game retail stores, such as Game Station, and Game.

I tried to join this website to give it a go on the boyfriend’s iphone, and its not yet enabled. The only phones you can use it on at the moment is an Android or a Symbian, and seeing as I dont have either I’m a bit annoyed. Guess we iphone owners just have to wait and hope we can catch up with the gameplay before there isn’t any point.

I hope this doesn’t get as hyped up as the Fable 2: Pub Games, only for it to become pretty redundant.

  • diabloskinz

    @xboxer360 Are we in shape for that comp this week guys? #xbox #xbox360 #gaming

    • http://twitoaster.com/country-gb/xboxer360/ xboxer360

      @diabloskinz no way not this week mate, I'm doing 16hr days at the moment 🙁

  • Rich

    Be interesting to see how it migrates to iPhone as the website runs in silverlight which won’t work on iPhones

  • Mat

    6 Days later and still nothing?
    Well, my sister was right about Peter Molyneux, he does like to make goals they can't achieve yet, and my sister was fortunate enough to talk to him personally, apparently he is a bit of a silver tongued devil…
    Will this app be free?
    And does anyone know when it is most likely going to be available for all platforms?

    • Rich

      It is already out! Apple certification is holding it up for iPhone, it's got nothing to do with lionhead or Peter it's just bloody Apple! At this rate we will be playing Fable III before the app arrives on iPhone

    • http://biggerjuicebox.wordpress.com littlejuicebox

      Im just as disappointed, but it is all Apple's fault not Peter's and Lionhead. When I had a chat with him, I wouldnt have gone quite as far as to say 'silver tongued devil', he is just very polite 🙂

  • Mat

    Steve Jackson's opinion of him is exactly what I said.
    Wow, I really hope Apple pull their finger out and get it released then, any ideas on costs for the app?

  • Pain Reaper

    Apple is completely fucktarded to keep an app like this on hold for so long.. Bragging to process most apps within 48 hour.. My Ass they do!!!

    Can't find it for my GF's Galaxy S either though.. =/

  • spangles

    It came out on Iphone today

    • Xboxer360Scoob

      Is there a list of compatible phones anywhere?

  • Mat

    Got it, YES! 😀

  • Achea Shadow

    I have had it for a week on my Android :p