Top of my list of things at the Eurogamer expo was to go play Fallout New Vegas. I literally spent 130+ hours on Fallout 3, completing every DLC that Bethesda gratuitously pumped out, so to not call me a fan is like saying Pete Doherty is a sober, talented, upstanding member of society. I was all over this bad boy like a pair of thick rimmed glasses on a trendy London kid.

The game itself looks exactly like Fallout 3; from the Pip Boy and Hub to the look of the humans you encounter. From what I saw there has been a very minor tweak to the graphics but that’s about it. Only when you start slowly kissing its neck you notice the new earrings that this girl is wearing.

The game dumped me in a place called Mojave Wasteland, a barren little desert very much in the frame of the earlier titles. The first thing I did when getting hands on with this game was switch the difficulty to the new ‘Hardcore’ mode in which the game tries to deliver more realism. It does this by giving you a dehydration meter where you must remember to drink plenty of water to prevent the lowering of stats and eventually death. Same goes for eating regularly, sleeping and items like stimpacks now take more time to heal rather than instantly. Sadly because I was at an event I didn’t get anywhere near my standard 7 hour stints of preferred Fallout game play, and thus didn’t really get to see any of these new shiny features.

One of the most welcome changes is the ability to now use VATS with mêlée weapons which is great, it was hilarious donning a pair of boxing gloves and slow motion punching a baby coyote in the face until it was a bloody pulp. TAKE THAT WILDERNESS YOU FILTHY SWINE!!!

Something which did catch my eye was within my inventory there was a laser sight, extended ammo chamber and silencer. I didn’t get a chance to see how these upgrades work or how they are attached to your current weaponry but I think we are all fans of modding our favorite tools of destruction, and I can’t wait to see the options laid ahead of me when this game is released.

As reported many times before there seems to be a very heavy influence not just in Karma but in regional statuses too. This was made more evident when I started wildly shooting my machine grenade launcher (with a DOS screen visible for extra cool points) at a Powder peddler. I can’t remember the name exactly Fallout gave this shooty little gang member but the word peddler is funny to say over and over again. Anyway, as soon as I started launching explosive balls of doom at this peddler I was given good Karma and a message saying I was now in favor of the local village. This is a far cry from the basic 2 sides to choose from in Fallout 3; either blow up Megaton and become a slaver, or kill Tenpenny and waste the slavers. Both are pretty black and white, depending on how you play the game these were pretty straight forward decisions to make. Now Fallout: New Vegas seems to of taken that one step further with a multitude of gangs, townsfolk and quests, all designed around making it harder to appease everyone. This blurs the line between what’s right and what has to be done to survive. If this new core game play element is done well it will genuinely be a massive step forward for any ‘free thinking’ decision making game, since all other titles with these types of options have always failed to make it seem, well… just real.

In general, Fallout: New Vegas is more of a 80+ hour add-on then a brand new installment. This doesn’t make me sad at all; anyone who loved Fallout 3 will love Fallout: New Vegas. Even if it’s just the same gal, she’s wearing a damn sexy new dress.

Eurogamer Expo is the UK’s biggest annual video games event. This year the event took place at London’s Earls Court and the hottest anticipated titles were on show for the public to go hands on with, many developers and representatives were also on hand for quizzing and also to give out special goodies to lucky gamers. This year xboxer360 was in attendance and this is our impression of the games we got to play on:

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