Writing for Forbes, executive vice president and chief talent officer of Electronic Arts Gabrielle Toledano says that sexism isn’t solely the reason why there aren’t many women in the industry, part of the problem is that women simply aren’t applying for the jobs.

She finds that blaming men for creating a sexist environment is far too simplistic:

“If we want more women to work in games, we have to recognize that the problem isn’t sexism. Rather than blame the majority just because they are the majority, I believe the solution starts with us – women.”

She goes on to say that the perception that gaming is a male dominated hobby is simply untrue as “nearly half of all gamers are female”.

Echoing Kim Swift’s attitude on the subject, she feels that girl gamers have to make themselves known, be proud of who they are and not be put off by the sexist attitude of some.

Most importantly, she promises woman that want to break into the industry but are put off by saying:

“The video game industry WANTS to hire more woman… The only way to be successful in a creative industry like gaming is to stay on the cutting edge and innovate. You can’t do that if your team all looks and acts and thinks the same. Embracing a diverse culture and making talent a core focus of our business isn’t just a feel-good message – it’s necessary if we want to keep making great games.”