Titanfall  is one of the biggest exclusives under the Xbox Ones belt. Created by Respawn Entertainment, founded by Jason West and Vince Zampella of Infinity Ward, and as you’d expect from the original minds behind Call of Duty, it’s looking really good.

While Respawn have recently gone on record as saying that Titanfall could at some point in the future see a cross-platform release, EA president Frank Gibeau has discussed the publishers decision to sign a console exclusivity deal with Microsoft.

Speaking at this year’s E3, Gibeau said that EA has been unbiased towards platforms for 30 years and will “continue to be that way” but occasionally he noted “Tactical opportunites” such as Titanfall come up from time to time.

“We have a very balanced portfolio across both Sony and Microsoft. FIFA, Madden, Battlefield, Need for Speed, our entire line-up is going to be deployed on both platforms, so strategically we’re going to be multi platform, platform agnostic, and our history shows we go where the audience is and so we will do that.

“However, there are tactical opportunities from time to time on a title or on a service component that we do enter into a relationship with one or two of the first parties on that particular opportunity and we’ll execute on it.

“Titanfall is an example of that. It’s a product that came in through our EA Partners group, it’s a partnership with Respawn, and there was an opportunity for Microsoft, EA and Respawn to create a tactical opportunity to make Titanfall exclusive to Microsoft.

“But if you look at our entire line-up beyond Titanfall, it’s really focused on multi platform and over the life-cycle of these [platforms] we’re really not tilting one way or the other. We’re very balanced and we’re going to continue to support both equally.”

The epic sci-fi shooter Titanfall, which sees giant robot suits go up against teams of elite soldiers, was officially confirmed as Respawn’s debut title earlier this week and is set to release spring 2014 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.