E3 2013 was easily the best event I have ever been too, ironically it was my very first E3 but still I have been to some cracking events before but this is the proverbial cherry on top.

In this article I wish to share my experiences with you, the good, the bad and the damn right ugly.

The Good

  • Freebies, everyone loves freebies and there were plenty up for grabs at this years E3, from t-shirts to stickers, controllers to lanyards and posters to toys.  I even managed to grab a MOBA control pad for my Android device.
  • Titanfall statue, this thing was utterly amazing, at around 15ft tall this thing completely dominated the lobby and was constantly being photographed by gamers and geeks alike.
  • The EA booth, this took over the doorway into the south hall of the convention centre.  Walking in and being greeted by 64 PC’s running Battlefield 4 alongside an extremely loud Need for Speed: Rivals booth, EA clearly had a lot to shout about and it does stand as one of my top booths at the event.
  • Elder Scrolls online, the only thing better than playing ESO was finding out that ESO is coming to consoles.  I was lucky enough to sit down and play it for around an hour and absolutely loved it!
  • Booth Babes, even though they are technically banned from E3 you can still find them, watch out for out upcoming gallery.
  • Xbox Showcase and after-hours booth entry; all of the games but without the queues, also with the added bonus of free alcohol, what could go wrong?

The Bad

  • Queues; the dreaded lines of doom, the worst of which was Call of Duty: Ghosts… You could honestly walk past the line and accuse people of camping.  The second worst was the lines for Watch_Dogs and The Division due to the amount of queue jumpers with passes but enough of that as I was a queue jumper.
  • Blisters, the nemesis of all expos is the blisters that form on your feet after walking for hours, you never realise how precious your feet are until the puss sacks form on your feet.  Take this as a warning, if you get new trainers make sure you wear them in before even attempting to conquer E3.
  • One thing that I thought I’d never see was someone trying to sell the big bag of swag they have acquired inside the event but it happened. $100 for his whole bag, I don’t know about you but I find that extremely offensive to the developers and publishers who spend so much money just to give stuff away… If you’re reading this bro then picture my middle finger-pointing directly at your face.

The Ugly

  • It’s really hard to think of anything that really annoyed me at E3 apart from the Sony booth (just kidding) but one thing really stood out for me; the E3 Merchandise Store.  Located in the lobby was the store and it featured some of the laziest, ugliest clothing known to the gaming world and every article of clothing featured a clichéd slogan from the gaming industry alongside a hefty price tag, worse still people were actually paying for this smut.
  • The only other ‘ugly’ was some of the venue’s security, the power had gone to their heads… I’m not going to go into too much detail but one instance left me fuming; I had a pass that clearly said I had access to the second floor (meeting rooms) and yet I was held each time I tried to gain access to a meeting that I had an appointment for.  I loved the American people in general but the on-site security were doing more harm than good.  There were more instances of this power abuse but all in all the venue staff were extremely pleasant, friendly and always willing to help.
  • The last ugly belongs to me and my, embarrassing, chaffing, it’s quite brave of me to admit this but by Tuesday I was in a world of pain and I stupidly didn’t think of bringing Sudocrem with me, a big shout out to Graeme (@AceyBongos) and Maurice for convincing me to go to the Forza Showcase party on Tuesday night and a bigger shout out to Maurice for taking me to a pharmacy to find some life-saving cream to fix me up.

Finally I have to say a massive thank you to Microsoft and the Xbox Community Network for arranging the trip, getting me in to see some huge games and generally for being awesome throughout the event.