At the Xbox One initial reveal, many fans were outraged or at least confused by Microsoft’s decision to apply some fairly strict mandates onto gamers. Users must connect to the Internet once every 24 hours as part of an authentication process and what has seemed to have annoyed people more, is its stance on used games.

While the Xbox One does support used games, decisions about allowing or denying them will be left up to individual publishers.

This caused a lot of unrest amongst Xbox fans, hoping that Microsoft would clear up their mixed messages and perhaps explain their new requirements in a better light, unfortunately however E3 seemed to make the backlash even worse, with hostility rising and many seeing E3 as a major win for Sony.

Microsoft however have decided to address this hostility towards the Xbox One, with Phil Spencer, Microsoft Game Studios VP, talking with GameSpot.

“We always knew that our story would play out over time, and even now, I would say, this isn’t a sprint. The platform launches this November; we’ve got more content to share. There are other means like Gamescom [and] TGS coming that will still continue to put a value [proposition] on what we’re bringing to market,” Spencer added. “The reaction, I think, is complete when the product is on the shelf and it has a price and it has a content library and consumers vote.”

As with any new console generation, details always seem unclear or reworded over and over leaving most of us gamers out in the cold until launch day itself, so I’m personally holding back my outrage until the dust settles and I get my hands on the Xbox One, which looks set to have a stellar launch line up.

What do you think? Excited to hear more? or outraged enough to write off the Xbox One entirely?

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