Bethesda have just announced an intriguing piece of story based DLC for Dishonored, which will *early spoilers* see players take the role of Duade, the character that assassinates the Empress at the beginning of the game.

According to the blog on Bethesda’s website, the DLC will tell the tale of Duade’s search of redemption and answers, while still touting the “choice” that the main game has. You can also expect to explore never before seen areas of Dunwall and play with some new powers, including a teleportation power similar to the famous “Blink” mechanic and the ability to “Summon Assassins” in the form of his crew, the Whalers.

While the time frame isn’t mentioned a great deal, the blog does state that we’ll get to play as Duade during the aforementioned pivotal moment. Will it run along the events of the main game but simply be told from a different point of view? Or take place before? We’ll soon find out.

The game also mentions the final piece of DLC for the game entitled “The Brigmore Witches”, which is said to “conclude Duade’s story”. Which is also interesting as (I’m assuming if you’ve read this far you’d played the game or at least don’t care for spoilers) the decision of killing Duade is left up to the player (I let him live, cause I’m just that nice).

Whether this is related to “The other side of the coin” DLC rumored a couple of weeks back is unknown.