This weeks Destiny 2 weekly reset brings some downtime with it this coming week, this is due to the release on the 1.1.3 patch.

The update arrives on Tuesday 27th February and is expected to take around 2 hours and will begin at approximately 4pm GMT (8am PST, 1pm EST).

The official patch notes will release after the patch goes live but here are a few points to wet your whistle…

  • Fixing an issue where the Phoenix Dive ability can be used to get out of the intended playspace
  • Fixing an issue where players could receive a loss in Trials of the Nine if opponents leave multiple matches in a row
  • The Crucible Helmet Ornament will now gain unlock progress from Trials of the Nine wins in addition to competitive match wins
  • Projectiles from the Colony Exotic properly track enemies on PC when frame rate is set higher than 30 FPS

So are you still playing Destiny 2 or have you lost interest?