As DLC is becoming more and more common place in the gaming world, when top titles release it’s standard to expect some day one DLC.

Dead Space 3 is ready to raise the bar by releasing a fairly whopping eleven pieces of DLC straight off the bat, giving you a range of new features or services, from speeding up loot collections to brand new tools of death and suits. However, it does seem that most of the purchasable upgrades revolve around the scavenger bots you can use to salvage resources and parts from around the game.

Keen eyes spotted three of the said DLC packs on the US PlayStation store, and with EA offering no console exclusive DLC this means the Xbox will be revelling in the same content also. The packs designed at beefing up your robot helper, offering a bigger bot capacity, a strengthened personality or simply a speed boost.

Posting on the Dead Space blog, executive producer Steve Papoutsis explained the purpose of the scavenger bots.

“Everybody will find at least one of these bots in the game (and there a couple hidden ones to pick up, too.) The Scavenger Bot is an autonomous robot that can harvest resources for you and deliver them to the Tool Construction bench. Resources include stuff like somatic gel, scrap metal, tungsten – materials that you can use to craft into anything you want, like a health pack or weapon part.”

“As a replacement for DS2’s credits, resources are a key part of the Dead Space 3 experience, and their placement in the game has been well thought out by our game designers. Whether by looting enemies, opening lockers, or exploring the world, you’ll find more than enough resources in-game to fully experience DS3 on any difficulty level.”

“The scavenger bot’s purpose is to give you an extra edge, since there’s a bit of gameplay (and risk/reward) to using him and finding the richest resource caches. You can also choose to download upgrades to the scavenger bot that double his capacity or speed up his trips to the bench.”

Also available, will be packs including new weapon and suits, along with the evermore commonplace season pass for those who decide against a brand new copy of the game, but are desperate to jump online.

This does raise a bigger question though, is DLC just getting too much now? Should we go back to the days of disc-only content? Let us know what you think in the comments below.