With Dead Space 3 just around the corner, thoughts have already drifted to the prospect of future DLC or plans to develop the story further.

Well it seems that more Dead Space 3 is definitely on the cards, that’s according to Steve Papoutsis anyway. Executive Producer of the smash success from Visceral games, Steve wouldn’t give too many details away but guarantees some more scares are on their way.

“The team is hard at work on a top-secret additional story that will be coming in a few weeks, We’re not saying much, yet – but think ‘disturbing’ to get your imaginations going,”

Steve went on to explain that hidden on your glorious Dead Space 3 disc will be a handful of new game modes which will be accessible once you complete the game.

The typical Game+ mode will return, letting you experience the whole story again whilst keeping all of your unlocked weapons and suits. Classic Mode is a new addition which introduces “classic aiming” and removes crafting making this an experience Dead Space fans might be more familiar with. Pure Survival mode provides more of a challenge by removing ammo, health and weapon parts from the map leaving you to scavenge them from the cold dead bodies of Necromorph scum. To cap them all off, there’s also Hardcore mode for those who are a gluten for punishment giving you a single life for the entire campaign.

Pretty rough right? Well if you’re looking forward to the challenge you can sink your Plasma Cutter into Dead Space 3 on February 8th.