Classic Saturn game Guardian Heroes gains XBLA release date

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Classic Saturn game Guardian Heroes gains XBLA release date

SEGA has just announced a release date for Guardian Heroes at last.

Hitting Xbox Live Arcade on October 12, Sega Saturn classic Guardian Heroes will be available for 800 points – a very reasonable sum compared to so many titles being priced at 1200 points lately.

For the uninitiated, Guardian Heroes was a fantastic action-RPG fighter back in the day offering side scrolling action as well as a branching storyline promising plenty of twists and turns. Five completely unique final boss battles are available depending on earlier decisions and there will be more than half a dozen possible endings too.

The re-release of Guardian Heroes promises fully re-mastered HD graphics as well as up to 12 players being able to play online together. Impressive stuff indeed!

There’s a new trailer out too, check it out below and see if it excites you in time for October.

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