Considering that our games consoles have helped us explore everything from infinite galaxies in No Man’s Sky, to the grimy streets of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto, to the horrifying combat adventures in Battlefield 1, it’s kind of surprising that we’re still waiting for a decent casino game.

Maybe it’s because there’s still the perception that console games are mostly aimed at kids, but whatever the reason, it’s a sad fact that there’s only a handful of casino gaming titles for our consoles.

This is a real shame as casino games like roulette have been with us for hundreds of years and it’s baffling why we haven’t seen more titles developed for the consoles that offer an update of these classic table games.

Xbox fans in particular have had a hard time getting their hands on a game that offers a good recreation of the authentic casino experience. Whilst the Four Kings game for the Xbox One promised to deliver a truly social gaming experience through the use of customisable avatars, it ultimately failed to impress.


What caused Four Kings to pick up some fairly negative reviews was the fact that the prospect of playing Texas hold’em, blackjack and even keno in order to upgrade your character’s clothes ultimately seemed little silly.

This is especially so as online casino sites like Betway Casino are able to deliver a much more authentic casino experience with their slots games providing real-life winnings, and their live casino options even featuring a real-life croupier!



But there was hope for console gamers as 505 Games worked with the World Series of Poker to deliver the Prominence Poker title for the Xbox. Whilst this obviously lacked other casino games like blackjack and slots, it did offer a pretty good poker experience and so there’s still hope that Xbox gamers may eventually get a good casino simulation.

And finally, it’s also worth mentioning that VooFoo Studios gave us another solid poker simulation with the Pure Hold’em game that cleverly used multiplayer features and some impressive graphics to broaden the range of casino gaming choices for Xbox gamers.



But compared to the sheer range and quality of online casino games that anybody can instantly dial up from a smartphone, it’s clear that our consoles have got some serious catching up to do.