With just a few short days until the release of the long-awaited Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics have been ultra-busy making loads of video trailers, ‘making of’ documentaries and guides.

The latest in this onslaught of visual goodness is the Guide to Survival; Episode 3: Survival Combat. This showcases every aspect of Lara’s fighting prowess with all the main available weapons.

This is looking more Assassin’s Creed meets Hunger Games every time I look at it. It’s definitely less levers, puzzles and tombs and more third-person combat.

Does this mean it’s lost what the original Tomb Raider wanted to achieve? I’m looking forward to it, but I’m a little disappointed at what looks to have been sacrificed. What do you think? You won’t have too long to wait to make your mind up, it’s out on the 5th of March.