Whilst almost nothing is known about Destiny, Bungie’s brand new project, slowly more and more information is beginning to leak out. In a recent Talk with Polygon Pete Parsons, Bungie’s Chief Operating Officer, spoke about his excitement for their first title after the Halo franchise’s conclusion.

“It feels like I’m part of something and doing something meaningful. That’s really important, We all want to make great games; we all want to kick ass; world domination is absolutely within our sights.”

At the moment all we know about Destiny is that we can expect a first person shooter with an MMO feel including a constantly open world with distinct player factions. Technical director Chris Butcher, believes that Destiny is a realisation of their original hopes and plans for Halo 2.

“We were going to make this online universe where people are going to be able to sit on their couch and play games with people from the other side of the world. It was going to be this great communal experience. Everybody was going to realise that we were all just one shared humanity, and look, there’s gonna be an outbreak of world peace. What it actually turned into was a bunch of frat boys tea-bagging one another and calling each other names. So I think we can do a lot better.”

Tom Sanocki, an animator at Bungie, looked back on his 10 year experience as a CGI film-maker for great companies such as Pixar, to explain just how refreshing it is to be a part of Destiny

“It feels like we’re back at the equivalent of Toy Story,” he said. “We’re about to create something big that no one expects. It’s going to kind of come out of nowhere and be really exciting. It’s fun to be at that cusp again, at a company that can chart its own destiny and chart its own future, and to be able to be a part of it not just by myself, but with all these other people, Together we can do something that’s a lot bigger than any one of us could do by ourselves.”

Bungie are planning to reveal a lot more at this years GDC in March, so we’ve got a little while longer to wait before we know exactly what to expect, but I’m definitely excited.

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