Ah, the world of gaming. It has definitely evolved from the good old days of arcades and tokens. In the world today, video games are actually a recognized international sport in the multiplayer arena. Competitions for games like Call of Duty on the PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One offer prize jackpots that are more than some physical sports! In fact, the video gaming world probably rakes in just as much money as casinos do when you play piramind welt online casino games and more. In fact, for the longest time, online casinos were a trend that threatened to overturn the world of gaming as we know it.

Online Casinos Were The Most Popular Things Ever

Even now, hundreds of people play games in online casinos all over the world, mainly because of the ease with which such things are accessible. This is something that gaming consoles like Xbox have also been experimenting in: accessibility and connectivity. For a while, there has been a massive wall erected between the two major consoles in the industry: the Xbox series from Microsoft and the PlayStation line from Sony.

Cross Platform Support Coming Soon

A week ago, this changed. A bombshell was dropped by Microsoft itself, announcing that the next gen Xbox One console would have cross-platform multiplayer support added to it. This meant that it would be able to connect and play with people on PC and PS4 with no problems at all. This is not going to apply to titles in the past, but to the games being made in the future. While it didn’t specify exactly whom it wanted to invite to the fold, the obvious hint was directed towards Sony.

Of course, it is not like it is completely impossible for cross-platform gaming to exist. There has always been the ability of different games to support gaming across their consoles. However, the problem has been laid in the developers’ hands. Microsoft has almost always been very reticent to try out something as drastic as this, mainly because it has wanted to maintain the exclusivity of the Xbox Live entertainment network. Its counterpart at Sony has never been like this, with multiple experiments having been conducted into the field of gaming across platforms. For example, the PS2 and 3 were able to team up and play Portal 2 together with no problems at all.

What’s Holding It Back?

The problem that still persists is that the Xbox One isn’t nearly as popular as it should be at this point. Global sales aren’t really at their best, and this feels a lot like a last ditch effort to keep people loyal to the console, as more people switch over to the PlayStation Nation due to peer pressure. Setting that aside, the concept of being able to play across platforms is incredible news for just about anyone. Of course, playing with PC players means that something will need to be done about the incredibly advanced accuracy of a mouse when playing a shooter game like Call of Duty. However, the war between the consoles will finally be settled by the gamers themselves!