We all know gaming is no longer restricted to the home and has evolved to such an extent that you can play console games on your mobile and tablet, wherever you may be. In fact, you’ve probably already installed some games to your Android ‘phone, but have you got the best of the best? Perhaps you haven’t even thought of downloading games to your mobile, but if you want to take advantage of having even more choice about where and how you play, take a look at the selection of games you can play on both your Xbox and your mobile or tablet.

Fifa 16 Ultimate Team

This is one of the best dream-team games out there and with pristine graphics and new and improved animation and controls, and better skills, you won’t want to keep it indoors. However, be fore-warned, you will need a quality mobile or tablet with at least 1.4GB of free space to benefit from the superior quality of this game.

Casino Games

If you love nothing more than a game of poker or a spin on the roulette table, but are new to Betway.com, you are in for a real treat. Online gaming is now more portable than ever, which means that you can enjoy all your favourite games on the bus, train or waiting for your friends to turn up on a night out. These games, which can also be enjoyed on your Xbox are now available to download straight to your mobile, tablet or PC straight from the Betway website One of the elements that makes casino games stand out from other online games is that they can actually prepare you for the real thing.

Minecraft – Pocket Addition

Initially, the touch controls for this game were off-putting to many players, with the majority preferring to stick with the console and its original hardware, but developers have listened to gamers and made the touch controls easier to handle and (Hallelujah!) have incorporated hardware controller support making for a more convenient experience. Besides these improvements, developments have been made elsewhere, with the Android edition featuring more visual effects including directional rain and snow accumulation. Players will also enjoy the addition of new potions in this popular gaming app.

Grand Theft Auto

An oldie, but a goodie, GTA remains a firm favourite with indoor and mobile users. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is perfect for the mobile gamer because it has been designed specifically for mobile and tablet use, which means the missions are shorter yet the improved graphics and developed controls and saving options keep it closer to the console game we all know and love.