May the 4th has been the unofficial Star Wars holiday for some time now, if only the World’s governments could unite and make it a galactic holiday for all to celebrate the destruction of the Empire, but that’s besides the point here.

As part of the celebrations, Past to Present Online, which “specialises in streaming pre-release games, betas and cancelled projects” live streamed Battlefield 3 , or at least what exists of it through TwitchTV.

Battlefront 3 was in the works at Free Radical, until it was canceled for financial reasons. According to co-founder Steve Ellis, the game was 99% complete at the time of its cancellation, Others have refuted this claim, stating it was 75% finished, and cancelled due to constantly missed deadlines.

David Doak said back in May 2012 that Battlefront 3 may not have been complete when it was cancelled, but it was “very far from a car crash and had interesting ideas,” before “psychopaths” at LucasArts killed the project

Whatever the truth may be, there were definitely some promising pieces of footage shown which can still be seen in archives of the stream here and here.

Check it out and let us know your thoughts below.