Batman: Arkham Origins to take the fight online

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Batman: Arkham Origins to take the fight online

Warner Brothers Interactive have revealed, no not the ‘secret’ identity of The Batman, but an exciting new mode for their in-development, Batman: Arkham Origins.

For the first time in the franchise, you can┬átake the fight to Gotham City’s streets online. This component of the game blends third person shooter elements with the traditional Arkham gameplay to provide a wholly unique experience. This particular mode is in development by Splash Damage, the Bromley-based, British independent known primarily for it’s work on id Software’s Enemy Territory and Bethesda’s Brink.

So, this new online mode will give the player a chance to play as Batman or Robin, hunting your most challenging opponents yet or you could just as easily want to play as one of the fun-loving super-villain elite and see how the other half lives. Help establish the legacy of Bane or The Joker and if you really want to, play as those bad-guy bosses.

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You should be able to get your hands on all this fun when Batman: Arkham Origins is released on the 25th October.

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