Kickstarter is at it again, this time turning your Kinect into a controller for your eyes!

That long dreamt, but oh so lofty sci-fi dream of controlling everything with just a simple glance, might just come true thanks to the NUIA eyeCharm which is designed to sit happily on your Kinect to boost its powers. Apparently, the new tech will enable you to select items simply by looking at them, and more importantly, enable you to play games using your eyes.

“It feels like the computer is reading your mind once you use it, You will never want to miss it again.”

A Kickstarter for the NUIA eyeCharm is up and running, with a target of $100,000. You can find out more about it, and if you fancy backing it here.

Check out the trailer below if your interest is piqued, you’ll have the chance to see Minecraft being played with some lucky chaps eyeballs!