Giddy with excitement over the upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines? Well of course you are, but maybe you’re already thinking about more. Will there be more DLC?

Well it seems Sega is ready to answer our prayers as they have officially announced a Season Pass, which will give you access to four add-ons, starting with the now official Bug Hunt mode DLC. Bug Hunt is essentially Horde mode, but done in the way only an Aliens title can, coupled with three brand new maps to test your fighting prowess and your nerve.

The Season Pass will cost you 2400 MSP which according to Sega is a big (face) hug from them to you of 40 per cent off the price you’d be charged, if you chose to buy each pack separately.

So what do you think? Is this music to your ears, or more rubbish for the space shute? Let us know in the comments below!