Remember when that guy from Microsoft snapped at complaints that the next Xbox would be always online and essentially made fun of people who live in areas without the internet? Well, Game Informer is reporting that Adam Orth, the man responsible for the tweets, is no longer with the company.

Anonymous sources tell the magazine that Orth handed in his resignation last week after the twitter feud, although Microsoft have yet to confirm this themselves. The (supposedly) former creative director has since locked his Twitter account, only letting confirmed followers view his tweets.

While I don’t like to see anyone get fired and can even feel sorry for a guy who clearly got caught up in the heat of the moment, the fact that he couldn’t see the PR nightmare that lay ahead is bizarre. As each day passes, it seems more and more likely that the next Xbox is indeed going to have an always online component. Recent events are also making it harder and harder for Microsoft to break the news, the next couple of months are sure going to be interesting.