18 minutes walkthrough video of Fuse, the latest game from Insomniac

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18 minutes walkthrough video of Fuse, the latest game from Insomniac

President of Insomniac, Ted Price, narrates a new 18 minute long video about his latest game, going into great detail in regards to the characters, setting and weapons.

Frankly, it can get a little convoluted when Price tries to describe the story, but in a nut shell:

When a dangerous, secret¬† alien substance known as ‘Fuse’ turns volatile and causes a base to go dark, the U.S government calls together an “unlikely” band of mercenaries that are tasked with recovering the substance and maintaining the situation. Of course things don’t go as planned; a terrorist group known as ‘Raven’ swoop in and try to steal Fuse for themselves.

The story eventually leads the team out of the base and all over the world, as Raven try to use Fuse to start a new arms race. Along the way, the team (Overstrike 9) find Fuse powered weapons that aid them along the way.

The video also goes into detail with each character, defining what their role is, their history and how they fit into the group.

Finally, the¬†footage gives details into how coop and the RPG elements work. It also emphasises that you’re never ‘stuck’ with a character once you’ve chosen one, but can change whenever you like.

The details are exhaustive and more are said to be coming.

Set for a 2013 release, Fuse will be the first Multiplatform game that Insomniac releases, having previously done Playstation exclusive titles such as “Ratchet and Clank” and the “Resistance” series.

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