I love limited edition controllers, and the Tomb Raider control pad is no different, from the second I cracked the box open I knew that this would become my first-choice controller and let me tell you why.

Upon first-look you can’t really tell that this is a Tomb Raider branded control pad, that is until you look underneath the controller and see the words “Tomb Raider, A survivor is born” neatly printed under the battery placement.  All other branded controllers feature logos quite prominently making this pad have its own uniqueness from the outset.

On the left hand side of the pad is a textured bandage which feels quite gritty and realistic, the pad is also covered in finger and hand prints, the handprints can be found on both the left and right hand sides of the pad, exactly where the palms of your hands can be found whilst using the controller.  The finger prints are located around the ABYX buttons which look pretty cool when you inspect the pad.


The coolest design feature of all though are the scratch indents that can be found all over the controller, it would have been quite easy to have just added the scratches as stickers or painted them on but these have actually been scrapped out of the pad showing that this control pad is completely unique.

The pad also features the rotatable d-pad so you can easily switch between the 2 modes that it offers.

Is this pad worth buying? Sure, especially if you’re a fan of the Tomb Raider series, it’s also worth noting that the pad comes with an in-game DLC character code for the forthcoming title, I’m guessing that this character won’t be available to purchase, showing those who have gone out and invested in this superbly designed controller.