Just over a month ago, Ubisoft released its first piece of big DLC for Assassins Creed 3. The Tyranny of King Washington is a three-part adventure which will take part in an alternative reality. King Washington has been corrupted by the power of the Apple of Eden that he possesses and he can’t help but to wave about on a glorious Sceptre.

Episode one begins with Connor waking up in a bit of a daze, and he soon discovers that his Mother has returned from the dead and his ‘friend’ Washington is reigning terror across the Frontier Lands. Connor, who is still confused embarks on a journey with his Mother across the lands to defeat Washington.

Each of the three episodes will tale place in three different locations but thanks to the actions of Washington the Frontier lands have been destroyed and are littered with the dead bodies of the resistance and Washington’s men.

A noticeable addition to the land is a huge willow tree which really sets you off on your journey, after climbing the tree and downing some tea we get to have an hallucination which results in Connor being given the ability of the wolf, which allows him to cloak himself to aid sneaking around the enemy undetected. By pressing the Left Button on your controller you can also summon a wolf pack to attack your enemy. As someone who is pretty poor at the stealthy elements of AC3 this is a big help but if you are a better player you won’t need this very much to help you get around.

There isn’t much variation to the missions from the main game, which is a bit of a shame, you’ll track enemies and sneak around camps to eavesdrop on people for information, the introduction of hounds is a nice feature as they can see past your wolf cloak so you have to lay down bait to distract them.

Travelling between missions can take some time but luckily you can fast travel between locations straight away, the bonus for those that take the longer route is that you will come across plenty of hidden artefacts which unlock videos giving you more of an insight into the story, if you have the time it’s worth hunting them down. There are plenty of side missions to discover but of course these aren’t essential to play.

The core gameplay elements are still there, it’s massively enjoyable fighting huge groups of soldiers and the ability to free run through the trees to take out enemies from above is still very satisfying. It’s a shame that Episode 1 starts off really well but tails off in the middle, in fairness it does do a good job of setting up the rest of the story and I’m looking forward to playing Episode 2.

It’s an average start, but there is promise..