Watch out for Creepers, they will destroy a lot of what you have created.

Developed by Mojang and ported to the 360 by 4J-Studios, Minecraft has finally landed on Xbox 360 but was it worth the wait? Minecraft is a boredom killer, I spent 14 hours total playing it on Friday, another 14 hours on Saturday and I still get the feeling that I’m not even touching the tip of the iceberg yet.

The core of the game is mining to find valuable minerals to craft stronger equipment to help speed up the building process.  Mining can be a timely chore when you first start out but with the added benefit of online multiplayer you and your friends can mine very quickly.  I played by myself for a few hours creating a nice little house near the ocean and mining a few pieces of metal before Rich joined in, within 2 hours he had crafted a castle tower (with dungeon and secret passage that led to my house) and that’s when we started getting serious about mining.

I went one direction underground, creating perfect tunnels and mining coal, ore and gold.  Rich headed in the other direction creating quite possibly the worst mine ever but then he struck water, water led to underground caves, underground caves spawned Spiders, Zombies, Skeletons and Creepers.  Then came the shouts across Xbox Live… Rich had gotten himself into a little bother and after about 5 minutes of digging we were stood side-by-side staring into a giant cavern filled with enemies and lava.

After a short period of fighting it quickly became clear that the enemies were here for a reason, the underground cavern was rich with minerals; Diamonds, Redstone, Obsidian.  The list goes on and on.

Creating beautiful landscapes with ease.

6 hours later and we we’re still learning new parts of the game, one being never, ever venture underground without wood, you will never know when you will need to create a crafting table to make torches, weapons and tools.

To say that Minecraft is a game that you can lose yourself in is quite possible the biggest understatement of all time.  Hours seem like minutes when you’re busy crafting your own unique world.  Even when starting a new game a world is crafted for you and no two worlds will ever look the same.

The only thing that seemed to annoy me is how the game punishes you as a novice, the tutorial doesn’t really cover a great deal of stuff apart from crafting and showing you how you could make your world look.  One of the biggest problems I faced was loosing my inventory on death and then if you take time trying to recover your items than they will disappear.  Also the games tutorial doesn’t really demonstrate the health system, eating will help you heal but finding and farming food is not easy when it hasn’t been explained.  My pro tip of the day is if you see a pig kill it, once the meat is cooked it will replenish a large chunk of health.

Kill my co-op partner...

Missing this game could quite undoubtedly be your downfall, think of it as a game that you create, only dull minds have no place in Minecraft as your imagination is the key to making this one of the best releases ever on Xbox Live.  If you don’t pick this up on Wednesday for 1600 MS Points (it also includes 400 Gamerscore) then you will be left behind, you will miss little golden nuggets of humour like befriending a wolf and then watching him kill your co-op partner.