Deus Ex: Human Revolution tells the tale of Adam Jenson, his battle to find answers after being attacked at Serif Industries, losing a beloved friend in the battle and her entire team.

The game is about finding answers, who was behind the attack? Why did the attack happen?  More conspiracy than Jason Bourne could deal with.  Decisions need to be made constantly which will change the way the game plays, treating people different ways will shape the game into the way you want to play, it’s almost as if the game was designed to be redesigned by the individual using the controller.

It’s not often that I feel a game without a multiplayer mode offers value for money, most end up on the shelves of local stores’ preowned section within days of the original release, Deus Ex is different, not only does it offer at least 20 hours gameplay on a run through, it also offers a completely unique experience every play through unless of course you make the same decisions on each session.

Throughout the game you will need to upgrade your augmentations, at first the amount of stuff you are offered to upgrade feels daunting, not sure whether to upgrade your hacking skills or your strength? Your breathing or your aiming? But it all suddenly becomes clear as you venture around, I found the best thing to do was save up your augmentation upgrade points until you have a set objective in your mind and this will allow you to progress through most of the game unhindered.

Side quests play a massive part in the game, after all the game is an FPSRPG and XP points = prizes.  Some of the side quests will link directly in with the storyline so following them, will unlock more of the main story arc.  Although some of the side quests are a little on the boring side they do justify themselves with rewards and a better look at the Deus Ex universe.

Another great aspect of Deus Ex is the ability to complete missions exactly how you want to, there are always several ways to complete a mission, you can sneak around using your stealth augmentations to keep you hidden or you can go in all guns blazing Rambo style gunning everyone down making full use of your armour and aiming augmentations.  There are also many shortcuts hidden around the world, by lifting vending machines you can find hidden air-flow vents to move around un-noticed straight to your objective, you can even use sewer systems and fire escapes to avoid the watchful eyes of your adversaries, the choice remains yours.

The only thing I felt that didn’t do the game justice is the character animation, most of the game makes you feel like your playing with the future of gaming but then you come across a hapless member of the public with an almost square head and facial features that remind you of a Picasso painting.  It’s not all characters that do this but most, it’s a real shame when you compare it to the likes of Mass Effect 2 or anything that uses the Unreal engine. Saying that, the art design itself has been paid a lot of attention, it’s just a shame that the models let down the graphical style.

Its been a long time since I have sat on the edge of my seat for almost an entire game, I felt compassion for characters in the game, I felt disgust towards the perpetrators, I felt sorrow for the main lead but what I felt most for was how the developers actually made me feel so much for what is essentially a bunch of moving images accompanied by sound. You will be hard pressed to even find a movie or book that will move you as much as Deus Ex.

Fans of the original series will find reasons to moan about the game, the way it holds your hand by highlighting every interactive object in yellow, the way you sometimes feel under/over powered.  The fact everyone should concentrate on is this is a rebirth of a title, it does those things to introduce people to the story who have had no experience what so ever, the most important thing you should realise is it works, everything fits together nicely offering the one of the best user experiences I have seen on an Xbox 360 title.

Deus Ex is a winner in my eyes, there isn’t one person I wouldn’t recommend this game highly enough too, it offers everything any player should ever need and should ever want.  Eidos Montreal and Square Enix have opened a can of worms for me now, I need DLC, I need a sequel… Make it happen. Now.