Review: Battlefield 3: Multiplayer


Battlefield 3 was probably my most anticipated online FPS this year, it had a lot to live up to from the amount of advertising EA poured into it over the last 9 months but was it enough?  Ever since the beta I had my doubts, the beta was riddled with glitches, bugs and crashes, bullets floating in the air, people glitching under the ground and random disconnects.  Did DICE dig their own grave by releasing a shoddy, crumpled beta?

Possibly.  In my opinion DICE released the worst map with the beta, it didn’t really show off the power of Frostbite 2 and it certainly didn’t demonstrate the power of vehicles.

The wide variety of maps coupled alongside powerful weaponry and the selection of vehicles make this game so unique online and will offer each player their own way to play, you only get 4 classes to choose from but each have their own unique elements to play exactly how they want to play.  By choice I prefer the recon role, at first it is a little hard to adapt and often scares players away from using it but when you start unlocking all of your specialisations and new weapons it really becomes a force to be reckoned with, this goes for all classes but you need to choose carefully what role you want to take on to benefit your team the most.

The primary use for each class is carefully laid out in the standard setup, assault takes on the role of medic, being able to throw health packs out and revive fallen soldiers with a defibrillator, engineer takes on the role of repairing vehicles and taking out enemy vehicles through mines or launchers, support sees you able to dish out ammo to your team and later bring in mortar strikes, and finally you have recon which allows you the snipe from extreme distances, sadly unlike earlier Battlefield titles the recon class has no form of calling in mortar or airstrikes but spotting enemies is where most of your points will come from.

I find myself picking classes based on the current map and game mode, for instance when attacking on Rush mode on Operation Firestorm I will be quite happy lying in the mountains spotting and removing people’s heads, however if I am defending I will switch to the engineer class to help repair my teams tanks and work towards disabling enemy tanks.  It really all does depend on how you feel you can benefit your team the most.

The actual game play itself remains very much Battlefield but with the added ‘prone’ function and a new ‘vaulting’ feature it actually feels more realistic than before.  Don’t get me wrong, there will be times where you will get so infuriated with the game that you will want to quit, the trick is to just take your time, when you die just take a sit back for a moment, look at the minimap and choose your spawn carefully, also adjust your class to suit the situation.

I purposely held this review till after Modern Warfare 3 had launched just so I could compare the two together, I know that this isn’t common practice on Xboxer but what I will say is in my eyes Battlefield is the clear winner.