Review: Astro A50 wireless headset

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The pro-gamer headset kings are back, this time with the heavyweight 7.1 Surround Sound A50 Wireless Headset and Astro mean business.

Upon unboxing this headset it becomes clear that no expense has been spared with the packaging or the headset itself, the stand is slightly flimsy but once built it surely stands out, the smooth yet sexy design doesn’t and won’t look out-of-place, no matter what gaming setup you have.

The headset weighs in at just 363 grams meaning that this is one of the lighter wireless headsets available and longer periods of gaming won’t leave a strain on your head, the snug feeling you get from the over-ear cushions is probably the most comfortable feeling that I’ve ever had from a headset.

Once you’ve got the headset fired up you’ll notice how easy it is to increase either the game volume or chat volume, the right hand side of the headset (where you could change the tags on both the A40 and A30) is clickable on both the right and left sides allowing you to control the volume with ease.

The battery life is extremely good, I managed to get around 9-10 hours out of the headset whilst playing without chat, with chat I managed to get just under 8 hours proving that this is an extremely good headset.

The sound quality is quite simply astonishing, Black Ops II presented some manic moments and the ability to track players simply by the sound of their feet running around, the 7.1 Surround Sound really stands out with the A50’s and it got even better when I put Hitman on, the sound was incredibly clear giving you the feeling that you’re in the game itself, voices sound so clear they could easily be confused with other people standing around you whilst gaming.

To top it off upgrading the headset firmware is as simple as turning it on, simply connect the USB to you computer, connect the headset to the MixAmp using the charging cable and run the software, the upgrade is done in seconds.  The headset also works extremely well with the PS3 and PC as well as your Xbox.

Could I imagine life without my Astro A50s? Nope.  Okay so the price may be a little too steep for some people (£249.99) but this is a headset that gives you the most bang for your buck, the price may be more geared towards the professional gamer but if you want the best then this is certainly it.

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Review: Astro A50 wireless headset Results

Review: Astro A50 wireless headset

What we liked:

 Great design, well fitted and superior battery life

 Powerful 7.1 Surround Sound makes this the #1 wireless headset

 Simple to set up and works extremely well across most platforms

What we disliked:

 The price is the only downside to this device