What this top 10 looks at are the best Xbox 360 case mods. To put it in simpler terms “Xbox 360s that look nice and different to your standard console you buy in the shop.” Modders spend hours perfecting their creations and it can’t be an easy job for them to do. First they’ve got to come up with a design and franchise to base their idea upon, then they’ve got to actually make it, which will require them buying the parts to do so.

10.  LED lights

Blue LED Xbox 360 console.

First up we have the LED mod, which basically involves cutting out parts of the plastic case and then lining the inside with Light-emitting diodes (LEDs). This is one of the simplest mods and the most basic mod fanatics will use this idea a lot. Depending on how confident you are, the more experienced will use this technique on top of loads of others. I personally like this design because it uses blue lights, and blue is my favourite colour if you didn’t know.

9. Crystal clear

Crystal Xbox 360 case.

Another basic technique used by modders involves replacing the case completely, instead of working with the default case. It looks pretty cool from outside because you can see all the components inside and the green lights seem to work really well with the crystal Xbox 360 case. If you take a look at the controllers too, they’ve also been plated in this crystal plastic and include four extra LEDs used on the bumpers and the back and start button.

8. Halo helmet

Halo helmet Xbox 360 case.

You’re going to see a lot of Halo cases in this top 10, so don’t start calling me a fan boy because I can’t stand the Halo franchise. There’s just a lot of love for Halo, especially in the console case scene. There may be no front on it, but this isn’t just a simple spray paint job. Fair enough the sides have been painted to show Master Chief’s helmet, but then they’ve applied a visor made out of a see-through orange sheet. At first, I didn’t even notice the components through the visor, but if you look carefully you can see everything inside the 360.

7. Helmets standing out

Helmet Xbox 360 console.

This is quite an impressive case and will cost you around £150-180. What I love about is the digital camoflauge on the Xbox 360 Slim console and then they’ve built a gas mask styled helmet into the side of it. Obviously this will only look great if you stand the Xbox on its side, other than that you’ll probably just admire the helmet because it looks awesome. These are made professionally and aren’t just a one-off build, as the company in charge sells over a hundred every week.

6. Halo again

Halo Xbox 360 console case.

I said there were a lot of Halo themed Xbox 360 cases, so here’s another one for you. The console itself is a chrome 360, but the rest of it has been built out of paper mache to create a battleground for the two Spartan models to fight it out till death. The chrome Xbox has also been given a blue trim, which gives it a nice final touch in my eyes. If only the creator removed that daft-looking wooden stand from underneath it, before he took the picture.

5. Steampunk

Steampunk Xbox 360 console case.

I love this steampunk themed case because it includes so many objects stuck onto it. You’ve got a dial to show the pressure in the pipe, then you’ve got the pipe itself, which looks as though it’s been stolen from an outside toilet. There are even different sized cogs, which would be pretty awesome if they turned when the console was turned on. To finish it off, it has been given a gold-stained paint job and a strap has been attached to the pipe to give it that steampunk feel.

4.Haven’t we just seen Master Chief

Master Chief Xbox 360 case.

Yes, it’s Master Chief again, but don’t despair because this console looks superior compared to the other 2 Halo themed cases. LEDs are placed inside the crystal case, where the case has been engraved in the shape of Master Chief holding a battle rifle. You may remember seeing this case in OXM a while back, as they ran a similar feature to this. Therefore it obviously appeals to a lot of gamers, as I wish I could create something as good as this. It must have cost quite a bit to create too.

3. No TVs

TV screen inside Xbox 360 case.

When I first saw this one I had to make sure it was real, so I carried out a bit of research into the design, to which I found out it was made by a 360 owner from America. Not much is known about the creator other than that. I wouldn’t fancy playing Call of Duty or FIFA on this tiny screen. I wonder if it can run in HD, I would imagine it’s an SD display. You have to admire the innovative idea though, as I’m surprised it hasn’t been done more often. If you look on Google for similar designs, you’ll also come across a laptop version of an Xbox 360.

2. R2D2

R2D2 Xbox 360 console.

This was the most difficult choice to make and you’ll see why when you see the number 1 entry. Here we have R2D2 at his finest, that’s if R2D2 is a male or female, to which we can’t really apply, since R2D2 is a droid. There are blue LEDs lined all over the droid unit, and the case is made of plastic as you can tell. The real console is located somewhere in the middle near the back, judging by the power cable going into the back. There are even matching controllers to go with the design, which have been painted in blue and white. I wish I could have some coloured thumbsticks, grey is pretty boring if I’m quite honest.

1. Millennium Falcon

Finally the suspense is over. I’d like to introduce you to the Millennium Falcon Xbox 360 console. This is one of the most impressive and realistic console designs I’ve ever seen. Sorry for the image quality, but this was the best one I could find, at least the console makes up for it. Take a look at the controller in the top screenshot too, it’s been kitted out in a Star Wars style and even has some exaggerated triggers to use for all your shooting games. The back areas has blue LEDs to create an image of the ship flying, probably using its thrusters to escape from Darth Vader.

I hope you’ve enjoyed some of these console designs and if any of them caught your eye or inspired you, leave us a comment on this post, telling us what mods you’ve done to your consoles. Who knows some of them may even be better than the Millennium Falcon 360.