For many, Far Cry 3’s multiplayer is dependent upon the dedicated map makers who are constantly pumping out high quality maps with fair spawns, good environments and a lot of creativity. This was something that was achieved on Far Cry 2 such as the puzzle map series called Wig’s Mind, which featured a series of puzzle maps demonstrating a great deal of thought and ideas. If you haven’t checked it out, I seriously recommend it. So we have a couple of maps to get you started on Far Cry 3.

10. Titans of War – AW LOST SOLDIER

Set in a worn torn city in the middle of a mountain range, Titans of War is a map that’s served best on Domination. The points make use of the entire map, including a lot of the buildings you can use as cover and there’s a good range of areas providing close and long range combat. I would say that the map primarily focuses on long range combat, so get your F1 and snipers ready. Team Deathmatch would probably work well with this too, but it may be susceptible to spawn campers.

9. Carrier Command MRG – MIKE G LIVE

If you played Far Cry 2 online, you’re probably aware of the Jumbo Jet MRG map, which was created by Mike, otherwise known as MIKE G LIVE. He’s a pretty well known map maker across Halo and Far Cry 2, and his plane map received a lot of downloads. I actually came across him in a game recently and he told me he wasn’t sure whether he was going to make a map, but thankfully he has. Seriously guys, check this map out, since he spends a lot of time on all of his maps, especially the attention to detail.

8. Dragon Rage – Death Weapon

I suppose the main feature of this map would be the dragon breathing fire down onto the map. Well it isn’t literally doing that, but it’s meant to look like it just has. There’s a stream of flowing blood and the dragon’s prey in the water. It’s a pretty gloomy map, but it makes use of light really well. There’s even a network of passages, which allows you to flank enemies or engage in some combat underground.

7. Mech Wars Prime – Longridr

This won’t be the last time we see Mr Longridr in this top 10, as he has one more map to wow us later on. Mech Wars Prime features mechs as the title suggests and Far Cry 3 has been criticised for not allowing map makers to create futuristic maps, well this map uses objects from the catalogue to construct some futuristic-looking mechs, which ties in really well with the map. They’re not just simply placed on the map and left as scenery, they also serve a purpose and can be used as cover if needed.

6. Bate’s Motel – Niko Anonamix

Time for a scare! This sort of reminds me of Point Lookout on Fallout 3, with the motel set in a misty and spooky swamp. It’s very eerie and doesn’t feature much lighting on the map, but it’s nice to play something less serious and horror-themed. There aren’t a lot of horror maps on Far Cry 3 yet, but I’m sure they’ll be more soon, once people get some ideas.

5. What Lies Beneath – o RAZOR TAIL o

I did say there weren’t many good horror-themed maps, but “What Lie Beneath” is probably the best one out there. The most dominant feature on this map is the blood waterfall outside, so keep your eyes peeled for this, as I’m sure you won’t miss it. I found myself too distracted by the map to actually play Team Deathmatch on, so pay attention to the objective, rather than the pretty blood waterfall or the spooky monster.

4. Bumbu Square – Shortbull NL

This map is aimed at the serious shooter fans out there, as it’s balanced and looks a bit like a typical Call of Duty map. There’s a good range of indoor and outdoor combat, so you won’t always find yourself out in a big open forest like a lot of the Far Cry 3 maps available. There’s also lots of scenery to entertain the eye, so try to take a look at some of that too. I would say it works best on Team Deathmatch than anything else.

3. Afghan Winter – AW LOST SOLDIER

Oh look he’s back again. Afghan Winter is very similar to Titans of War, as they both stick to the same theme of war. Both maps fit very nicely in with this theme, but I would say this is the most polished, as the spawns are almost perfect. You can tell a lot of thought went into building this map, as walls are placed nicely for cover and there’s a range of terrain heights used to provide advantages and disadvantages for both teams. This is a Domination map, if you want to play it.

2. City of Whiterun – Niko Anonamix

It took me awhile to find this and I had to use YouTube in the end just to find it. This is the first replica of Skyrim’s Whiterun and I must say it looks superb. You no longer feel like you’re in Far Cry 3’s world, as the area around you changes into Skyrim’s fantasy world. The map even features a dragon in the sky, which I’m sure we’re all familiar with in Skyrim.

1. SpongeBob – Longridr

And here he is again in at number 1. SpongeBob, which we all loved as a child and secretly still do. The map captures all of the iconic locations and characters from the TV series and who would have thought Bikini Bottom could become a place for war. It also provides places to snipe and the building layouts stick closely to those seen on the television set. If you own Far Cry 3, this has to be one of the maps you download and play straight away.