Call of Duty, one of the biggest franchises in the world, some of us love it and some of us hate it and so we’ve decided to put together the 10 things we love and the 10 things we hate about Call of Duty!

The ‘Tache

In at number 10, it’s Captain Price’s Moustache. That glorious piece of lip hair would make Ron Swanson jealous. You’d follow it to hell and back you would! No matter the war, no matter the odds, you always feel safer knowing that the ‘tache is on your side. Whether it’s saving your life or holding a gun to your face, you’ll feel the glow.

The Story

People complain that the stories are too short, but I’d argue that for the high caliber action rides that they are, having them short and memorable is better than having them grate on players with campaigns that long outstay their welcome.


If there is one thing that Call of Duty does every time is to allow gamers just to get in and start playing, nothing too drastic is ever done to the controls or the UI, it all feels very familiar and to be honest that’s a good thing and makes players come back.


Very few games can claim to this, and very few can perform this well while looking so damn good. Sure, the engine may look a little dated by today’s standards but I’d take 60 frames per second in the most hostile, explosion laden environments imaginable over top of the range graphics any day of the week.

Hide and Seek

Bit of a random one this but something I have played far too often in COD and it can be a bit of laugh, one poor sap has to go around a map trying to find the rest of the players and stab them when they do. Admittedly it isn’t the greatest game mode of all time but it’s still fun to play every now and then.

The Competition

Let’s face it, there are some really good COD players out there and then there are the likes of me running about like a loon, but the competition is always fierce and I love it. It’s rare a match is completely one-sided and with new game modes in MW3 such as Kill Confirmed they are almost nearly all close calls.


Zombies appear to be creeping up in all sorts of games these days, but Call of Duty certainly seemed to nail the experience. Not only is it pretty addictive but there is always that feeling of wanting to go back and beat your previous score. When you start to get bored with playing the multiplayer there is nothing better than partying up with some mates to shoot some zombies in the face, it’s a brutal mode but you only have yourself to blame if you make mistakes. (Thanks To Malcolm Saunders for the input!)


For the completionists out there the challenges are a great thing to try to complete, whether you are trying to get a certain umber of kills with a gun, dropping car packages on top of enemies or diving out of windows to kill yourself from a certain height they all add an extra layer to the game.

Kill Cams

There is no greater feeling than being the star of the Kill Cam, even better when it’s a precision thrown Tomahawk or even better an RPG headshot! On the other hand it is pretty frustrating to be the recipient, like me, most of the time.

The Social

Our favourite thing about COD? The Social Aspect. Laughs are had, controllers are broken but it’s all done with friends new and old. I’ve played countless clan matches and had a complete ball, I’ve played with total strangers and made new friends, it can happen in any game.

What do you love about COD? Let us know in the comments below.