Review: Scuf Xbox 360 Controller

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Review: Scuf Xbox 360 Controller

When we were first contacted to review this controller we were a bit hesitant due to the amount of modded controllers flooding the market and ruining online games everywhere due to people using rapid fire on single shot weapons, I was however wrong, this is not a rapid fire controller, it’s something completely different, unique and more than everything else it corrects the mistakes made by Microsoft.

The Scuf controller has made some minor changes to the Xbox control pad and improved it in a dramatic way, first of all did you know that you have to press the triggers down approx. 40% before they react? Not any more with the Scuf pad!  Do you find it an issue pressing A or B while controlling the right thumb stick? You won’t have that issue any more either.

The controller has introduced 2 paddles to the back of the control pad with are made from polycarbonate, which is the strongest plastic known to man, which are screwed and bonded into the chassis on the controller to make sure they can take as much punishment as possible.  These paddles are hard wired into the A and B buttons make use of your unused middle fingers that rest on the rear of the pad.  Some games may require you to change your button config to get the full use out of the paddles, for example in MW2 you may want to change the buttons to jump and crouch so you can do the drop-shot method that many people now use in game.  In Halo you want to change the config to jump and melee to give you the edge in a melee situation.

Basically the paddles will become your new best friends in online gaming as long as they are used correctly, I found them immensely useful in Gears of War using them as the run and melee buttons and I found that in close fights I can get away quickly or stand and batter my enemy with a shotgun melee followed by a shotgun kiss to decorate the walls in my opponents blood.

Another feature of the pad is the extended right thumb stick that has been raised by 3mm and now features a domed tip similar to that of the PS3.  “When it comes to sticks we are convinced that Microsoft and Sony were 50% right each. Microsoft was correct for left stick and Sony for the right.” Quoted Simon, the control pad designer and inventor, in theory it may sound illogical but in practice it worked perfectly.  I am a very heavy handed gamer and I always find myself clenching the right stick and intense moment of gameplay but that has decreased with this stick, whether its because of the extension or the shape I still do not know but one things for sure, its improved my gaming.

The other main amendment is the trigger settings, the triggers will now react to any touch and will respond instantly thus increasing your timing and accuracy of your shots, it improves sniping in a massive way but you will need to reprogram your brain in order to pull off those crack shots.

The triggers also require configuring for the games your playing via a handy allen key that slides into holes next the triggers.  The pad comes set up for Halo and CoD but if you want to play Battlefield or Medal of Honor you will need to loosen the triggers by turning the key 50% down otherwise you won’t be able to aim or stop shooting in the mentioned games, this can be an annoyance if you play multiple games.

The control pad is also available in a wired edition and the paddles can be customised for an extra fee.  Scuf have notified us to let us know that they will NEVER create a turbo pad of any way, shape or form.  They simply have the idea of improving on what we already have to make everyone’s gaming experience a better one.

The pad itself arrived in a foam case which protects the control pad and while I have been travelling I have had many comments on the case itself, many good comments, and such a great addition to the controller at no extra cost.

Overall the controller is an outstanding mod of what we already have and does improve your gaming if its used properly, the creator himself offers a service to help you get accustomed to how the controller works and will show you how to pull off some amazing set pieces in games such as Halo and MW2.  The price may seem a little heavyweight but in comparison to what you get you can’t help but feel you are getting one over on the designer, you get a brand new controller, the modding completed, a transport case and an allen key, not to mention the training you get afterwards!

If you want to improve your gaming and try to level the playing field then this controller is for you, the pad is designed for winners that don’t want to revert to the cheap tactics of turbo pads.  Be warned if you’re a casual gamer, this really isn’t for you and will more than likely ruin your gaming experience than improve it.

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  • escoblades

    Razer Onza > Scuf

    • Achea Shadow

      The Onza is different, Onza has actually been banned from MLG because the pad can be programmed for Turbo mode, it also offers twistable tension in the sticks!

      I will be reviewing Onza when it arrives but so far I am extremely impressed with the Scuff!

      • 360fps

        Q: Does the Razer Onza feature a rapid fire function or support macros?

        A: No, the Razer Onza does not feature rapid fire or any way to program a macro to a button. Rapid fire is for n00bs!

        taken from

    • polish pete

      bought onza- great pad but after 2 weeks thumb stick stop working had warranty so returned to best buy and got new one after 2 weeks same thing so went and got microsoft controller. onza is great but poor quality makes it garbage for heavy gamer like I am. u can push max 100 hours on that controller. feels great in hand aiming is also fantastic adjustable sticks very nice for personal preferences 2 extra bumpers awesome especially for bumper jumper in halo reach( extra left bumper allowed to use jetpack and armor lock ) but will never buy this chineese disease anymore im going with scuf!

  • Achea Shadow

    The new controllers actually cost £44.99 in retail, so your paying £10 for the mod and case!

  • TGR Jimb

    Ive had the scuf controller for a few months now and its one best things i got for my xbox, when mw2 came out i got that special mw2 controller with the buttons on the back i knew it was gonna be a good idea but when it used it the buttons where too small to use i just kept missing them but now i got the scuf controller with the full length paddles its so easy to do drop shots and be accurate at the same time, my right thumb is allways on the stick now it only makes sense to have buttons on the back where you have fingers doing nothing, i love it so much i cant use a normal controller any more they just seem arkward to use now. The hair triggers just do what the say you can sent them to how responsive you want to play, its worth every penny in my opinion

  • Andrew Findlay

    Given that the SCUF control's button layout caters more precisely to your fingers' natural positioning, it's hard to find fault. They're not reinventing controller layouts, they're honing them; it's evolution. You can either climb on board or crawl back into the sea. One day, these back-panel buttons will be implemented universally. When that happens, I will say, "I've had that controller for years."

  • simon burgess

    This is Simon from Scuf Control our new url is

  • Chris

    when i played MW3 on my down time, i exceled in my gaming and soon became ranked high in the world. when i finally quit playing and started playing ghost i was ranked top 30 in the world. and during that whole time playing i was using a standard Xbox controller. i was good with a standard controller with a KDR of 1.71 and averaged 28 kills a game. and towards the end of my gaming on MW3 i bought a scuf gaming controller for my wife and myself. at first it was hard to get use to and the feeling of the controller was different, especially the size and the buttons on the back. the paddle buttons i put on the back were Jump shot and Drop shot. i got two different types of scuf controllers, i got scuf fariko for my wife, and a scuf stealth hybrid for my self. now in general they work the same but the difference in size and shape made a difference. the scuf fariko is the same shape and size as a standard controller and the scuf stealth hybrid was smaller and was shaped to fit my hands better then a standard controller. and for good news with the gaming of the scuf, it only took a coulple of games to get use to the extra buttons. and the biggest advantage with the scuf in MW3 would be the trigger stops that allow you a slight advantage over your opponent and in this quick shooting game a slight advantage is huge. for me in my gaming i use the drop shot a lot and ended up mastering the drop shot and was able to evoid bullets from behind and drop shot quick shot when i first saw the opponent faster then they could react, there for i got the kill. with a regulaer contoller my KDR 1.71 and 28 kills a game, i planned on reseting my stats when i got a scuf, so when i got my stealth hybrid, my gaming improved dramatically. with a scuf gaming controller my KDR went to 3.22 and 38 kills a game and i was ranking up a lot faster with a scuf then a standard controller.i would pick a scuf over a standard, and a mod, anyday, everytime. best buy i ever had for my gaming.

    • cj

      You are so full of shit. Top 30 in the world with a 1.7 KD and 28 kills per game? And you’re talking about pubs?! That’s not even good for pubs, much less top in the world lol

  • Lockyer

    seems to be lots of good reviews on the scuf controllers, can’t really comment on that because my son’s arrived broken and have been chasing the company now for over 2 weeks to get answers on the status of the returned broken controller. The customer service at #ScufGaming has been absolutely terrible, I would never recommend this company based on this service. You might be OK if you never have any problems with the controller but good luck to you if you have a problem

    • cj

      This is the truth. It’s sad, because they do have a fine product, they just clearly don’t give a single shit about the paying customer. There’s a reason they have a failing rating at the BBB. There are too many quality alternatives at this point for anyone to be supporting this awful company. Check out SharQ, Razer, Cinch, any of the good third party manufacturers (make sure they don’t support macro or rapid fire if you plan on competing) because they all make basically the same product, but they actually take care of you. Scuf doesn’t deserve a quarter of the business they get, and it’s time we use our power as consumers to demand more from their customer service by not supporting their company or their product.

  • Nick

    Don’t buy from Scuf. I have bought 2 controllers from them and both of them were broken right out of the box. I sent them both to be repaired multiple times and the Scuf people continued to send them back to me unfixed. Their support center wouldn’t answer the phone half the time and it would take them 4-7 days to respond to my emails. Don’t ever do business with them.

  • Disgusted

    Do not give any money to Scuf Gaming. They take your money, do not produce a product and then no refund.