Welcome back to Xboxer.  I have been incredible excited to tell you this for some time now but the rebirth needed time, planning and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but we have done it, we’re back, back for good.

In 2014 Xboxer sadly closed it’s doors due to time commitments and staffing issues, it was a sad day for myself personally, to close the door on a site that was created in 2008 and had grown exponentially over the years, pre-2008 Xboxer was basically a blog on WordPress.com, traffic grew quickly due to the unique content and views. It was in 2008 that Xboxer360.com was born, traffic increased gradually and within a few months we had increased to approximately 30,000 unique viewers a month. 

The forums we’re introduced not long after that which grew a dedicated and fun-loving group of gamers, many of which I’m still in contact with on a personal level.  Sadly, last year, one of those members tragically died, Doomey was one of the original supporters of Xboxer360.com and he donated towards our forums on a regular basis.  Doomey left behind a son who we wish all the best. Rest in peace Doomey.

As social media started picking up, the forums began to die down so we switched our focus to providing top quality content that kept bringing readers, new and old, back to the site, our traffic once again kept on climbing and it was in 2010 that we were accepted on to the Xbox Community Network (XCN), it was a very exciting opportunity for us, it enabled us to get exclusive content, it helped us get our hands on almost every single Xbox game that hit the stores (and marketplace) our traffic peaked at around 350,000 unique visitors a month.  Due to this we needed to recruit a larger team which commanded a lot more time and with the site still technically being a hobby it started affecting my personal life, as well as others on the staff.  Relationships started to break down, in hindsight we could have probably done something about it at the time but we failed to recognise the steps that ended towards our shuttering.

Everyone involved in Xboxer360.com at the time were either in full-time employment or full-time education, I lost sight of what we were trying to do and was more interested in finding faults and pointing fingers, for this I am truly sorry.  We all had our faults on the team but I take full responsibility for the breakdown.

I want to take the time now to tell you what the plans are for Xboxer, we’re breaking away from the Xboxer360 name, as you can see it’s not really relevant to the brand any more, we shall now be known as either Xboxer and Xboxer UK.

We want to make Xboxer more about you, the community, we plan on creating engaging content and thought-provoking pieces, we offer you, the reader, to air your personal opinions on our content, whether that be through social media, commenting on our work or just emailing us directly.

We want to create a lively atmosphere on social media with regular games, competitions among other interactive elements.

Stop, for just a second, what can you tell me about the site currently? Something that may be obvious to users without AdBlocker is that we don’t have any advertising.  One of the main issues we have before we shuttered was money, too much focus was on trying to make money, it even went as far as basing our whole website design around advertising.  We’re not about that now so we don’t have any adverts.  We do however have a Patreon account, if you like our content and want to give then great, if you don’t want to contribute then that’s also cool with us, the choice is completely yours, we’re not going to gate any content for donators/subscribers, so everything is available for everyone all the time.  We would however like your support on social media by giving us a like or a follow. 

So what exactly will the donations and contributions be spent on? First and foremost it will cover the expenses of the site, hosting costs and travel costs for industry events, it will help cover postage of games to staff to review.  Secondly it will fund competitions, prizes will be purchased and given away regularly.

No clickbait. Ever. This is a guarantee from myself that Xboxer will never have clickbait style content, we don’t want to trick users into viewing our content, not now, not ever.

Honest reviews are something that we always felt very proud of, this is not going to change, however getting reviews out on time for the release of games is now something that we will not be attempting, we want to be as honest as possible with our game reviews and if that means we need more time then so be it.  We’re also going to do some retrospective reviews to look at how games have evolved during the duration.

This outlines just a small part of what we want to make, we want to cater for you, the reader, in the best way we feel possible, if you have suggestions then please feel free to contact myself directly on dave@xboxer360.com.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to seeing you again.